Foods for flu and cold during pregnancy

Foods for flu and cold during pregnancy

Pregnancy means a lot of health problems like gas, constipation, indigestion, and morning sickness. You might have also realized that pregnant women don’t just get pregnancy symptoms. They are vulnerable all kinds of bugs listed in the book from stomach viruses to flu to colds. As a mom, you might fall victim to the non-pregnancy related disorders as compared to the population that aren’t pregnant. The immune system is suppressed for protecting the fetus and hence you are bound to fall ill. Here I am blogging about some foods that will help you a lot during pregnancy.

Drink a lot

Liquids are more important than the solid foods. The need for liquid foods increases during problems like diarrhea, vomiting, running noise, and fever where you are losing a lot of water. You should drink up at least one cup every hour and this can be any liquid. Consumption of the hot beverages will soothe sore throats and hence you should keep a thermos filled with lots of juice or tea close to your bed.

Vitamin C

This is a potent healer and hence I would recommend an increase in the consumption of Vitamin C based foods like juices, vegetables, and fruits. If your stomach is too tender then you should get something from the citrus family and stay away from the acidic ones. White grape juice, honeydew, cantaloupe, papaya, mango are all rich in Vitamin C.

Foods for flu and cold during pregnancy2 - Foods for flu and cold during pregnancy
Foods for flu and cold during pregnancy2

Go easy

If the acidic foods are challenging on your tummy or giving you a sore throat, then I would recommend you to stick to the foods that give you less irritation. Soups or thinned hot cereals or diluted juices will work just fine.


Pregnant often stay away from milk because they have heard somewhere that it is a mucus maker. If milk makes you symptoms worse (what ever symptoms these might be); then you should find other sources of calcium. Or else, drink up without any worries.

Eat smart

The colds need to be stopped before they start. You can increase your consumption of veggies and fruits. Recent studies have shown that you should eat minimum of seven servings of veggies and fruits per day during the pregnancy for lowering risk of developing any of the upper respiratory infections like sinus and cold. You can even go up to nine servings.