Foot Swelling Problem and Solution in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a process in which the body changes in many ways. Approximately 80% of pregnant women suffer from swelling of their feet and wrists during this period. These swelling occurs most often the sixth month of pregnancy.

Although light swelling usually does not affect daily life, excessive swelling may even lead to difficulty in walking.


Why do feet swell during pregnancy stages?

The reason for foot swelling during pregnancy stages is that the pregnancy brings about more liquid formation between the cells. This condition, which can also be called edema, causes swelling in the tissues. During pregnancy, swelling can occur not only in the feet but also even in the eyelids.


Who experiences foot swelling most during pregnancy?

If you have excess weight before getting pregnant, expecting a twin baby or applying an irregular diet, you may experience more swelling problems during pregnancy stages. Unfortunately, those who have varicose problems before pregnancy may feel this swellings more serious.

Foot Swelling Problem and Solution in Pregnancy - Foot Swelling Problem and Solution in Pregnancy
Foot Swelling Problem and Solution in Pregnancy, stages of pregnancy

How To Reduce Foot Swelling During Pregnancy

In this process, it is not possible to completely prevent the swelling of the feet, wrists or even legs.

However, thanks to simple methods that can be applied to reduce swelling, you can prevent your daily life from being affected too much.


What should you do to prevent the swelling of the feet during pregnancy and to get over this period more comfortably?


  • Wear comfortable and orthopedic shoes as your feet grow.
  • Pregnancy shoes should focus on comfort rather than elegance.
  • The heel of a pregnancy shoe should not be higher than 5 cm.
  • Choose non-slip and non-pointed shoes.
  • The shoes you buy must be made of materials that will allow the swollen feet to breathe comfortably. For instance, it should not be synthetic in any way. Linen and leather shoes are the right choice. Good quality sports shoes are also suitable.
  • Orthopedic shoes not only relieves the feet, but also reduces back and lower back pain during pregnancy stages.


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