Frequently Asked Questions in Pregnancy - Frequently Asked Questions in Pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions in Pregnancy

In this article, we tried to answer the most frequently asked questions in pregnancy.


Does smoking damage my pregnancy?

Smoking makes it difficult for the baby to breathe. It causes growth retardation and preterm labor. In order for your baby to be healthy, you must stop smoking during pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions in Pregnancy 1 - Frequently Asked Questions in Pregnancy
Frequently Asked Questions in Pregnancy

I think I’m pregnant, what are the symptoms of pregnancy?

The first sign of pregnancy is menstrual delay. In addition, nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, frequent urination is also seen frequently in the first weeks of pregnancy. For detailed information about these symptoms check: First Time Pregnancy: Important Symptoms.


I’m eight weeks pregnant and I have a constnat headache, what should I do?

In the first 4 months of pregnancy, blood vessels are enlarged, causing headaches. Most of these pains go by resting. Headaches may pass spontaneously in later times.


I feel so tired and sleepy, why?

This is a common condition in the early stages of pregnancy due to hormonal and vascular changes. These complaints are often accompanied by headaches. When the pregnancy progresses, these symptoms are pass automatically. Also read our article to deal with tiredness: How Can You Deal With Fatigue During Pregnancy?


I have nausea all the time, how long will these nausea persist?

Nausea starting at the 8th week of pregnancy can last up to 16th week. Nausea caused by rising hormones during pregnancy is more common in multiple pregnancies. If you wonder how to avoid nausea in pregnancy: Ways to Reduce Nausea in Pregnancy.

How many weight should I take in the first trimester?

It is healthy to take 8-10 kg throughout the whole pregnancy. In the first trimester, it is approximately 2 kg. Pregnant women who gain excess weight in the first trimester of pregnancy usually get more weight than expected until the end of pregnancy.


I got pregnant while using a contraceptive. Would it hurt the  baby?

When contraceptive pills are used regularly, pregnancy does not occur. In this case which is quite rare, there may be some risks for the baby. However, studies have shown that these pregnancies do not result in a higher rate of abnormal baby birth or miscarriage than other pregnancies. You should stop using the contraceptive pill as soon as the pregnancy is noticed.


When can I feel my baby moving?

You can feel your baby’s movements during the 20th week or later. If you do not feel the baby’s movements until the 24th week of pregnancy, consult your doctor. To learn more about your moving baby: How Are Baby Movements Felt During Pregnancy?


When can I learn the sex of my baby?

The sex of your baby can be determined from the 12th week. After the 20th week, you can learn your baby’s gender more precisely.


Should I stop drinking coffee while I’m pregnant?

There are studies showing that drinking a large amount of coffee causes premature birth in pregnancy. It is recommended not to drink too much during pregnancy.


Should I change my daily routine exercises during pregnancy?

You can continue your daily workouts unless you do heavy and dangerous exercises. When you feel tired, you should stop exercising. You should avoid exercises that can cause harm to your stomach and balance.


What should I do to prevent stretch marks?

Depending on the structure of your skin, stretch cracks may occur. There are no products exist that precisely prevent the formation of cracks in your skin . Creams that keep the skin moist, may be useful in preventing crack formation. For a detailed analysis about stretch marks: Pregnancy Stretch Mark.


What should I do if I experience leg cramps?

It is a very common problem in the last period of pregnancy. Taking enough calcium and potassium will help to reduce this cramps. Calcium is found in milk and milk products, potassium is found in bananas and citrus fruits. 10 to 15 minutes before sleeping, to stretch your legs can reduce cramps.

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