Getting Rid of Weight After Pregnancy

Getting Rid of Weight After Pregnancy

Women’s concerns about their physical appearance and weight are always exist. However, women should keep in mind that pregnancy is a temporary period. It should be known that classical beauty criteria is not valid in this period. It should be noted that pregnancy stages are temporary.

With the weight loss of 4-6 kg after birth, if a correct diet is applied, it is possible to lose 1 to 2 kg per month on a regular basis.

Are Low Calorie Diets Good?

With an adequate and balanced diet, the mother meets her own physiological needs and provides sufficient production of the mother’s milk which is physiologically and psychologically needed by her baby. In this period, the mother needs to take more energy, protein, vitamins and minerals in terms of both her own health and her baby’s health.

Breastfeeding mothers should add at least 500 calories to their daily energy requirements during the breastfeeding period. However, diets less than 1500 calories per day should never be applied during any period of breastfeeding. It is known that the energy purchases below this level may impair milk production and may lead to deficiencies in other nutrients.

Does Mother Nutrition Affect Milk Quality?

More than 80 percent of breast milk consists of water. For this reason, the mother should take at least 3 liters of fluid per day in order to make the milk amount to be sufficient.

Protein and some vitamin deficiencies can be seen in mothers fed with vegetarian diet and these deficiencies can cause damage to infants when not supplemented. In addition, if the mother’s diet is not sufficient in terms of calcium, calcium is taken from the mother’s bone and is involved in milk production. This situation negatively affects both the mother and the baby.

During the breastfeeding period, the mother’s iodine requirement also increases compared to normal. Iodine requirement should be met in areas where goiter cases are more common, in order to prevent deficiencies in babies and mothers.

Getting Rid of Weight After Pregnancy2 - Getting Rid of Weight After Pregnancy
Getting Rid of Weight After Pregnancy

Is breastfeeding effective to lose weight?

Breastfeeding means an intense metabolism for the mother. This means both the calories of the ingredients in the milk to be given to the baby and the calories spent for the breast-feeding action. These calorie expenses can help the mother to lose weight. The only point to pay attention is not to increase the calorie intake unconsciously in order to reproduce breast milk. This can lead to even more weight gain as long as milk is given.

When can you start sports after the birth?

If there is no suture after normal birth, you can start sports after 1 week. But, considering that the mother is in a period of intense milk production and assuming that she might be very tired, she can do it in the first weeks, only 15 minutes per day and only with exercises related to the abdominal and hip joints.

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Recommendations for After the Birth

  • Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins should be included in every meal diet.
  • Ready to eat foods such as salami, sausage, should not be consumed as much as possible.
  • Vitamin D is not found in foods. Can be taken with the help of sun rays. Therefore, care should be taken to sunbathe.
  • Iodized salt must be used in meals. Iodine, which is not taken enough from natural foods, passes from breast milk to the baby with the use of iodized salt.
  • Fresh fruit juices and lemonade should be preferred instead of soda and cola drinks.

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