Hair Loss During Pregnancy and After Birth 2 - Hair Loss During Pregnancy and After Birth

Hair Loss During Pregnancy and After Birth

Hair loss during pregnancy and after birth is extremely normal situation. Generally, every pregnant woman has this problem. Hair loss during pregnancy is caused by the negative effects of hormones secreted during pregnancy stages. After the birth, the hair will continue to fall out until the body is completely recovered. It is generally observed that hair loss gradually decreases within a few months after the delivery. During pregnancy stages, hair loss occurs by reduction of iron and many vitamins, minerals in the body. Therefore, care in the hair during this period is very important for the mothers to stay healthy.

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The causes of hair loss during pregnancy stages can be listed as follows:

►The changes in estrogen hormone.

Drug use in pregnancy  : The use of certain drugs.

►The hormonal changes that occur in the body after quitting the birth control drugs used before pregnancy.

►No healthy and regular nutrition during and after pregnancy.

►Iron loss in pregnancy.

Hair Loss During Pregnancy and After Birth - Hair Loss During Pregnancy and After Birth
Hair Loss During Pregnancy and After Birth, Pregnancy Stages

How can hair loss be prevented during pregnancy?

►Olive oil and coconut oil can be rubbed to the hair before bathing.

►Large amounts of vegetables and greens should be consumed, healthy nutrition should be taken care of.

► Hair dye and hair products containing chemicals should not be used.

►The hairs should not be brushed very hard.

► Hair products with organic ingredients should be used to prevent hair loss.


Hair loss during pregnancy can be reduced easily with some points to be considered. The important point here is that the oil and care products that you used should be completely organic.


It is important to remember that the process after pregnancy is a difficult process for mothers. Activities such as mother’s sleeplessness and breastfeeding result in a lot of energy loss. In these cases, the mother’s body is forced. When hair loss is added to all of these, it can be observed that the mother is much more stressed. For this, the mother should also give importance to her own health.

The mother needs to be sure that her scalp is healthy also. Care should be taken to wash the hair daily and also to use quality products in hair care. Do not forget your own care while paying attention to the newborn baby care.