Happiness during pregnancy

A Happy Pregnancy Getting a Jump Start on a Pleasant Parenthood

Happiness during pregnancy is one of the keys to healthy pregnancy. Read our article for more detailed information, advice and tips.

Contentment is often a difficult word to define. It can mean satisfied, happy, comfortable and pleased – all rolled into one. But if contentment is difficult to define, it can be even more difficult to achieve, especially if you’re pregnant!

Betsy Mcgee, a mother of four from Missoula, Montana, found that achieving contentment, or happiness during pregnancy often depends on one’s circumstances. “I think I ran the entire emotional gamut with my seven pregnancies,” says Mcgee, who miscarried three of those pregnancies. “With my first pregnancy, I was quite content. We were actively trying to have a child, and so when I got pregnant soon after, we were both quite happy. My second pregnancy to term was more than content. It was pure joy because we’d been trying for more than five years and we were about to give up.”

During her third pregnancy, Mcgee was living with her in-laws and she found the circumstances were not conducive to a sense of contentment. Her fourth pregnancy was unexpected and she and her husband were shocked for quite some time. Once the surprise wore off, Mcgee settled into the contentment of what she knew would be her last pregnancy. Orr believes that part of achieving contentment with your pregnancy accepting your feelings as being valid.

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“If need be, allow yourself to feel scared, shocked, mad, etc., knowing that the pleasure will come later after you’ve adjusted to the concept of being pregnant,” says Mcgee. Eventually, she cautions, “you should think beyond the moment and realize that we only get to this a couple of times in our lives and each moment should be treasured.”

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Roads To Gladness

Jennifer Lawler is the author of Dojo Wisdom for Mothers: 100 Simple Ways to Become a Calmer, Happier, More Loving Parent. She believes women often have a hard time achieving contentment during pregnancy because of the hectic lives we often lead.

“Women are very busy in their lives and when they get pregnant, it’s just one more thing on their to-do lists,” says Lawler. “If it’s a first pregnancy, then there’s so much to do to get ready: Prepare the nursery, find a pediatrician, perform all appropriate prenatal care, go to childbirth classes, etc.”

Beyond that, Lawler says pregnancy is often just uncomfortable, and at times, one may just want to get through it and may wait impatiently for the delivery date. “It’s certainly natural to be impatient to meet your new baby, but all of these things can create a less-than-contented pregnancy,” says Lawler. “Plus, not knowing what labor and delivery are really like causes a lot of tension. Friends and family tell you all sorts of scary things like how many hours their labor went on, how many stitches they had to have, how painful the C-section was. Or else they’re pooh-poohing your very real concerns and telling you it will be a piece of cake – and you know better!”

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Awards of Joy

There are many benefits of a contented pregnancy. For one thing, Lawler believes it gives you a jump start on relaxed and contented parenting.

“Being able to relax and feel calm during pregnancy is a great way to practice being able to relax and feel calm when your baby comes,” says Lawler. Lawler suggests one way to achieve a contented pregnancy is to notice the changes that are going on in your body and then appreciate them. Be aware of how full your breasts are, how your belly button pops out and how your walk changes to accommodate for the baby.

“It also means living in the present,” says Lawler. “It means enjoying your big belly instead of focusing on how great it’s going to be when your baby comes and you can fit back into non-pregnancy clothes. It means accepting that you’re going to need more rest and you’re not going to get as much done in your life and being fine with that – knowing that you’re in the middle of a really important job!”

It also means preparing yourself in a healthy, positive way for parenting your baby so that you feel you have the ability to nurture and parent. Lawler believes this will help you not panic about whether you are really ready for parenthood, but to trust that you are.

“Get as much information as you need to feel informed but not overwhelmed,” says Lawler. “I’m an information hog, so I wanted to know everything there was to know about pregnancy and labor and delivery. One of my friends was very different. She listened to her obstetrician, asked a few questions and then didn’t want to hear anything from other people because it would just freak her out. So seek out just the right amount of information for you and feel free to say “no” when people want to share more.”

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Choose a Strategie

Olive L. is an expert at a psychology clinic, a meditation intervention that helps people deal with the effects of stress. She believes that meditation is an effective way to achieve contentment while pregnant.

Meditation techniques offer a way to let go of the tensions and stresses of life and be open to more joy,” says Olive. “A fundamental fact about pregnancy is that much of it is out of our control. Nature takes its own course and we can only try to harmonize with the powerful forces that are at work within us. Meditation can help us let go of the stressors and tensions that are a part of life and open up to the relaxation and joy that already exist inside of each person.”

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Achieving a contented pregnancy despite the worries inherent to giving birth is very possible. With conscious thought and effort, a pregnancy filled with contentment can become a motherhood filled with joy and possibility.

Dr. Kathleen Hall, an expert in stress management and author of Alter Your Life, offers the following tips to help you have a contented pregnancy:

  • Serenity: Practice some form of relaxation each day, such as meditation, guided imagery or deep breathing. Yoga is also excellent.
  • Exercise: For a contented pregnancy, walk five times a week for 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day.
  • Love: Join some type of community or group once a week. Join an exercise group, meditation group or a book club (it doesn’t matter what kind of group it is). Studies show us this has great health benefits.
  • Food: Eat high-quality food such as colorful fresh fruits and vegetables and foods with high levels of antioxidants. Make sure your protein levels are high. Your vital organs demand it and you have a baby that requires it.
  • Play and laugh: We know that you produce healing hormones when you laugh and play. There is actually a science to happiness and its benefit to you and your baby. Keep games around, such as dart boards or board games, rent funny movies or play with family, friends or your dog.

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