Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches during pregnancy is one of the most common health problems. In this article we will answer to questions such as what happens when you have headache during pregnancy, what are the symptoms and how it is treated.


Causes of Headaches During Pregnancy

  • Changing hormones,
  • Pregnancy stress,
  • Insufficient rest,
  • Unbalanced nutrition,
  • Not consuming enough water,
  • Sleep problems,
  • Changing habits

Headaches during pregnancy is usually due to more than one factor. In women with migraine, not paying attention to nutrition, sleep and fluid consumption may cause severe pain. In case of severe and recurrent headaches, the causes of pain should be investigated.


Types of Headaches During Pregnancy

The most common chronic headaches are migraine, tension headaches and depression.

  • Migraine type headaches during pregnancy
  • Tension type headaches is a type of headache that is chronic, persists throughout the day and increases in the evening. The pain often occurs on the back of the neck and head.
  • Depression headaches is usually seen in the morning and may be accompanied by other symptoms of depression.


Pay Attention to Your Nutrition

Headaches are indirectly related to your eating habits. To reduce the headaches during pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet.

  • Because dried fruit and green leafy vegetables contain sulfide, they reduce headaches.
  • Bananas, papaya, avocado-like fruits help reduce headaches.
  • Consuming a small amount of chocolate or carob will reduce the severity of headaches.
  • Legumes and nuts are also helpful.
  • The most important thing is that; drinking plenty of water reduces the severity of headaches.



Treatment of Headaches During Pregnancy

In the treatment of headaches during pregnancy, you should first have a stress-free pregnancy. Remove the mental stresses as much as possible and have a peaceful life.

It is also important that your doctor is insightful enough to be able to discuss your problems with you. He should be able to understand the reasons for your concerns during this period and convince you to eliminate them.

You should come together more often with your friends who really listen, try to understand, and help you produce solutions. The conversations with your friends will make you feel better. Same time;

  • Eat less but more often to maintain the blood sugar level. Avoid chocolate, yogurt, alcohol, peanuts, old cheeses, dried meat, and sour cream. They may cause headaches.
  • Drink plenty of liquid.
  • Take a walk outdoors.
  • Take a warm shower and relax in a quiet and dim room.
  • If you have a pain similar to sinusitis, put a warm towel around eyes and nose.
  • Put an ice bag on your forehead and neck if you think it is tension type headaches, apply a cold compress.




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