Health Care for Newborn

All babies are born with the immune system. It consists of a team of tissues and organs to destroy various diseases, bacteria and viruses that may occur. When an unsafe substance enters the body, the immune system protects the body and fights against the attacks. But this system is very weak in newborn babies. The immune system also develops at a certain pace, just like the brain and other organs. Newborn babies are very sensitive about diseases and attention should be paid to the developments in the immune system.

Immune in the First Months

We can now say that the newborn baby’s immune system is not as strong as adults or a children. This shows that the immature immune system needs time to expel diseases. Nevertheless, the baby is under protection for some time, as the antibody that fights diseases in the mother’s immune system reaches the baby by placenta during pregnancy stages. Although these antibodies start depleting over time, they are effective in protecting the baby from routine diseases as possible.

Importance of breast milk

Without a doubt breast milk has a miraculous nutritional value. Breast milk, which has an additional level of protection to enhance immunity, has germ-fighting ingredients. Babies who are breastfed only during the first 6 months are exposed to less severe symptoms or lighter infections. Relatively, breastfed babies are less likely to face chronic diseases such as allergies, rheumatic disorders, and ear infections. Therefore, it is emphasized that breast milk should be taken for the first 6 months. If milk supply is sufficient after 6 months and the baby is still able to drink breast milk, it will be beneficial for his/her health to continue for 2 years.

Health Care for Newborn 2 - Health Care for Newborn
Health Care for Newborn, pregnancy stages


When the baby is 2 to 3 months old, the amount of protective antibody passed through the mother’s placenta will be at a low point. This is the period in which the baby’s immune system begins to produce its own antibodies. The most important treatments for strengthening the immune system are by vaccination. In other words, it is also important to be vaccinated as much as breast milk. The timely and complete vaccination prevents the spread of very dangerous bacteria and viruses to the body.


Sleeping is extremely important for development. Researchers explain that most of the diseases seen in children caused by inadequate and irregular sleep. Especially newborn babies can sleep 16-20 hours a day. As the baby grows, these hours are reduced, but babies should sleep for 10-14 hours until 3 years of age. Daytime sleep, as well as night sleep will make a great contribution to the immune system of newborns.

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