How Are Baby Movements Felt During Pregnancy - How Are Baby Movements Felt During Pregnancy?

How Are Baby Movements Felt During Pregnancy?

One of the most important moments for the expectant mother to experience during pregnancy stages is to feel the baby movement.

Women who get pregnant for the first time cannot feel baby’s first movements exactly. Women usually describe the first baby movements as wriggling and bumping.

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When do baby movements start and when they are felt during pregnancy stages ?

Although the baby starts to move in the 8th and 9th weeks, it is impossible for the mother to feel it because the baby is a tiny organism in that period. Baby movements can only be monitored by ultrasound.

During this period, sometimes pregnant women say that they feel baby movements, but this is not the baby movement they feel. The mother usually feels the baby movements between 16 and 22 weeks. Also check our post about baby movements what can your baby do month by month.

Mothers who have had a baby before, usually feel the baby’s movements before. Because they know what to feel exactly.

How Are Baby Movements Felt During Pregnancy 1 - How Are Baby Movements Felt During Pregnancy?
How Are Baby Movements Felt During Pregnancy


When Do I Have To Visit a Doctor

Your doctor should assess the condition of your baby by ultrasound, since it is not expected that baby movements will not be felt until the 21st week. If your baby’s heart rate is strong and everything seems to be going well, your doctor will not need to take the test.

Sometimes, because the last estimated date of birth has been calculated incorrectly, baby movements may have been felt late.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Infant Movement During Pregnancy

Question: Last week I felt mild movements every day, but none lasted throughout the day. What is the reason?


The frequency of perceivable movements varies greatly. Although the baby is constantly moving, only a portion of it is noticeably strong. It is also possible for you to be asleep when your baby is most active. (Most babies are the active when it is midnight.)


Question: Some days the baby is constantly kicking, and some days he/she is quite calm. Is this normal?

Mostly the baby’s mobility depends on what you do. For this reason, your baby is immobilized with your daily rhythm when you are moving all day long. So, because the baby has slowed down and because you’re busy you don’t notice a lot of kicking. Many pregnant women feel baby movements when they are in bed at night or in the morning.

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