How can I know that I am pregnant?

Symptoms of Pregnancy : Delay In Menstruation

It is the most important symptom of possible pregnancy. Sometimes there may be a lighter vaginal bleeding than normal.


Symptoms of Pregnancy : CHEST SENSITIVITY

It is one of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy. Breasts become larger, more sensitive during this period. While you are exercising, sleeping, dressing or showering you may feel discomfort .


Symptoms of Pregnancy : FATIGUE

Excessive fatigue and exhaustion can also be felt quite often when a woman is pregnant. You may sleep too early and you have more difficulty in getting out of bed in the morning. If you are really pregnant, you need to listen to these signs of tiredness and have enough rest. How can I know that I am pregnant?


Symptoms of Pregnancy : Frequent Urination

It is a symptom that can be noticed by your spouse and relatives. It is caused by the pressure of your uterus that starts to grow due to pregnancy to your bladder. This condition will continue during pregnancy stages, because your body will have more fluid than normal and your kidneys will filter more fluid.

pregnancy stages, How can I know that I am pregnant?
How can I know that I am pregnant? Pregnancy Stages

Symptoms of Pregnancy : NAUSEA

One of the most common symptoms is nausea and vomiting. Some women feel this problems more intense in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon or evening.


Symptoms of Pregnancy : Swelling and Weight Gain

The feeling of swelling and weight gain are frequently seen during pregnancy stages due to hormonal changes, sometimes because of food craving and snacking desire. If your weight gain is going too fast in the first three months of pregnancy, please consult your doctor for a healthy and balanced diet and vitamin supplements during pregnancy stages.

Symptoms of Pregnancy : Dizziness and Fainting

Situations such as long time standing, sitting suddenly, standing up stairs, can cause dizziness and fainting. This is due to the fact that your blood pressure is low compared to normal in order to get more blood to your uterus in pregnancy stages. To avoid these problems it is necessary to eat properly and consume plenty of fluid.


Symptoms of Pregnancy : Craving and Disgust

When a woman is pregnant, it is quite common for her to crave a food that she doesn’t consume frequently, or vice versa, to disgust a food that she likes before. Generally, this symptom also returns to normal after the first 3 months like nausea.

Symptoms of Pregnancy : Smell Sensitivity

This is another symptom caused by the hormonal change in your body. When a woman is pregnant she gets extreme sensitivity to the smell of certain foods or the smell of perfumes, shampoos, petrol, cleaning agents, cigarettes, etc.


Symptoms of Pregnancy : High Body Temperature

High levels of body temperature due to pregnancy hormones are among the symptoms of pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant and your doctor has told you to follow your body temperature to determine your ovulation time, high body temperature for more than two weeks will indicate a pregnancy.

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