How should a pregnancy diet be - How Should a Pregnancy Diet be?

How Should a Pregnancy Diet be?

During pregnancy stages, we give importance to nutrition because it is a very critical condition for both mother and baby. The mother’s eating habits are directly affect the baby. For this reason, the mother should be careful to eat healthy and drink abundant water.

The mother should take care of her weight also while eating healthy during her pregnancy. Because, gaining too much weight causes the baby to become overweight. In addition, the weight taken during pregnancy stages can make the mother unhappy from a psychological point of view. According to experts, women’s weight gain during pregnancy stages should not exceed 9-11 kilograms. Pregnant women who think that they gain too much weight can also apply a pregnancy diet. Also, about this issue you can look over our post named : Getting Rid of Weight After Pregnancy .


Pregnancy Diet Foods

To get the necessary vitamins and minerals during pregnancy stages, more calorie-free foods should be used. In other words, there are four main food groups that should be present on every daily meal.


Nutrients that are in these food groups and help protect the health of pregnant:


Fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable consumption is very important in pregnancy. Eating fruits and vegetables between meals every day will help to take the necessary vitamins and help supplement the fluid. Also dried vegetables and fruits can be found among the food options to be consumed. The sugar needs of the body can be met with sweet fruits. However, when the natural sugar sources are taken too much, they may have negative effects on blood sugar. For this, it is useful not to exaggerate the consumption of these foods.



Breakfast is the most important meal not to be missed during pregnancy stages. Especially for breakfast should take plenty of grain. Bread, crackers, pasta and breakfast cereals are important foods for a healthy nutrition and pregnancy diet.

How should a pregnancy diet be  - How Should a Pregnancy Diet be?
How should a pregnancy diet be, stages of pregnancy

Dairy products

Among the foods that must be present in the pregnancy diet, there are also dairy products. In your pregnancy diet, the need for calcium for the baby and you must also be met. For this, you should consume at least a slice of cheese every day in your diet. In addition, plenty of yoghurt should also be consumed.


Protein-rich foods

Taking plenty of protein is not a harbinger of slimming down, but protein-containing foods must be consumed during your pregnancy diet. Because the protein is important for the brain and the heart, as well as helping the baby in the formation of organs. The protein-providing foods that are essential for the pregnancy diet are as follows; lean meat, chicken, fish, baked beans, peas, eggs and nuts. Especially, while the fish balances the need for protein, the chicken will be a good pregnancy diet meal.



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