how to get pregnant fast - How To Get Pregnant Fast?

How To Get Pregnant Fast?

How To Get Pregnant Fast?

Get pregnant fast is one of the most enjoyable experiences every couple wants to experience. But sometimes this can result in unhappiness and disappointment.

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Here are 5 tips for get pregnant fast:

Make sure the thyroid gland works well.

Thyroid discomfort is very common, especially in women in their 20s and 30s. Thyroid gland discomfort affects the pregnancy negatively. Therefore, if you have a thyroid discomfort, you need to keep under control or treatment.

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How to calculate ovulation before pregnancy stages?

Use an ovulation period calculation device

There are many devices that calculate the days of ovulation. Having sex in those days will increase your chances of getting pregnant. So you can benefit from ovulation calculation devices to get pregnant faster.


Alternative intercourse days

Having sex as an alternative to every day will increase both your performance and your chances of getting pregnant.


Use missionary position for sex

For those who want to get pregnant, they usually recommend missionary positions. So if you want to get pregnant faster, you should prefer this position.


A rich and balanced diet

If you want to get pregnant fast, you should have a balanced diet. This is not only true for you, your partner also should be careful about nutrition. A rich and balanced diet with all nutritional value will accelerate this process. Do not underestimate the importance of a good and balanced diet.


Easy ways to get pregnant fast

  • You may have sexual intercourse two days before the menstruation.
  • Sperms can’t stay alive for up to 24 hours. Therefore, try to have more than one sexual intercourse in the same day.
  • A hot shower before sexual intercourse prevents you from getting pregnant because it causes sperm to become lazy.
  • Getting pregnant is not as easy as it might be, especially for women over the age of 35 may take more than six months to get pregnant.

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