How to Overcome Fear of Birth?

Many women begin to feel a fear as their birth date approaches, affecting their mood and inner peace. It is therefore important to know how to overcome the fear of birth. You should enter the birth with courage and happiness, not with fear.

When you see your baby for the first time, this fear disappears right away. But it’s normal for you to worry about things you’re not sure of yet. Because uncertainties create fear of birth.


Pains During Pregnancy

This is especially seen during labor. From the moment contractions begin, you worry about many things. So the first fears are actually for upcoming pains. Fear of pain at birth is the most common fear among pregnant women.

Giving birth is the result of your desire to see your baby growing in you for 9 months.

Your baby’s healthy birth and finally seeing him/her for the first time and hearing his/her voice is quite important to you. It’s an important reason to feel strong when it’s time for birth.


Tips for overcoming fear of birth


There is a long list of fears about giving birth, but the most common fear is the pains you’ll feel as I said earlier.

There are other factors that lead to the fear of birth. For example, an unhealthy birt and the possibility of a problem during labor are among these factors.

We’ve compiled a lot of questions that you’re likely to ask when the best day of your life is approaching.


When should you go to the hospital for childbirth?

Birth in many women starts to appear with different symptoms such as the flow of secretion, the arrival of water, frequent pain at certain intervals. In such a case, the most distinctive event, if these conditions do not pass by resting and standing (independent of posture), then these are the birth pains. It’s time to go to the hospital.


Is it possible to stay calm inside the delivery room?

There will be a professional team with you to give you continuous information. They will be available to assist you at any time.


What happens if you want to cry?

Remember that your baby feels all your emotions. Try to calm down and don’t give him/her any worries.


What happens if the baby doesn’t cry?

You don’t have to worry about that. All babies are different; some cry too much, and some are born with absolute peace.


Suggestions to overcome birth fear

Mothers should receive guidance during pregnancy stages. This will prevent them from getting unnecessary fears and believing in false rumors.

It would also be very useful to join a group of pregnant women for yoga or to share experiences about birth. For more information about yoga during pregnancy: Doing Yoga in Pregnancy.


Connect with yourself and enjoy your birth

Rest every time you get a chance. You can also do things that excite you about the birth and increase your wish.

Organize a baby shower, buy baby clothes, organize the baby room, prepare a photo album, in short you can do whatever you want.

Parents discover the true face of nature when it is time to meet the new member of the family. The body is intelligent and knows how to help you through the process.

Finally, trust yourself!

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