Influenza in Pregnancy

How to protect yourself from influenza


►The home temperature should be 21-22 degrees. Take care that your home temperature is not more than that in order not to weaken your body’s immune system, not to be easily affected by viruses, not to sweat and not to get sick.

►After you take a bath, dress in the bath that is heated already instead of another room that is cold to dress.

►Do not forget to dry your hair after bath. Since it takes a long time for the hair to dry spontaneously in winter, do not sleep and do not go out with damp hair after bathing so as not to cause any disease.

►Don’t be in the same environment with the sick people.


Nutrition to avoid influenza

►Since vitamin C has a strengthening effect on the body’s immune system, drink a glass of orange or grapefruit juice every morning.

►Try to eat raw vegetables which are very rich in vitamins. Vitamin B in pregnancy  is also important as much as vitamin C.

►Do not forget to take carbohydrates when applying a special nutritional program.

►Drink soup before dinner.

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Influenza in Pregnancy, stages of pregnancy
Influenza in pregnancy, stages of pregnancy

Be careful when going out!

►Air pollution damages the inner membranes of the respiratory tract and weakens them. In this way, respiratory tracts can be easily affected by viruses. So try to stay at home on days when air pollution is heavy.


Be careful for your clothing!

►Do not wear one-piece clothing during the winter months, because during the day you may enter the environments which temperatures are different from each other, and you may need to take off your clothes to avoid sweating.

► Do not wear thick clothes such as sweaters at home to avoid sweating or to avoid increasing the risk of illness.

► Choose cotton sweaters if you need to wear sweaters when the house temperature is low. So your skin can breathe through the holes in the sweater. In addition, cotton sweaters are more hygienic than wool sweaters as they can be washed at high temperatures in the washing machine.

►The use of gloves and hats is not indispensable for protection from cold. Because the burning in the ears is not caused by cold weather. It is caused by bacteria reaching the ear after getting cold. Instead of gloves and hats, you should choose a scarf to keep you warm, so that you can da filter the air in cold weather and cover your mouth to warm.

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