insomnia solutions during pregnancy

In Search of Slumber Sleep Solutions for Moms-to-be of Multiples

If you are curious about insomnia solutions during pregnancy, take a look at our article. We are sure that mothers’ experience and advice will help you.

Sleeping and pregnancy. An oxymoron, right? Especially with twins. Well, maybe not. With a little understanding, a few pillows and some tricks of the trade, you may be on your way to a better night’s sleep.

An expectant mom’s sleeplessness is caused by a variety of things, many of which are exacerbated during a twin pregnancy. Muriel H., a massage therapist in New York City, has three clients who are currently pregnant with twins. “I really see a significant difference in the way the pregnancy is taking its toll on them,” she says. “I think it’s just a little bit harder for women carrying twins and triplets.”

One of the most obvious differences is the larger belly. “That beached whale feeling is not conducive to relaxing and falling asleep,” says Anita Willis, a 36-year-old mother of twins from Nicasio, Calif.

“Women pregnant with twins have enlargement of the womb earlier,” says Gregory C. an expert at a clinic in New Orleans, La. “The womb is bigger earlier, which causes pressure in the upper part of the abdomen more quickly.”

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Sleeping Positions

While there’s no way to make you smaller, using a few pillows and laying in a different position can help take the pressure off of your belly. “Sleeping position is improved by laying to the side rather than on one’s back,” says Sabrina W., a professor. “Using pillows to support the legs, arms and side may also help.”

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Willis agrees. “Pillows, lots of them, are the key to getting comfortable enough to sleep,” she says.

Another mother of twins, 35-year-old Penny Carson of Brier, Wash., found that using a pillow between her legs while sleeping on her side worked until about her 7th month. After that, she found the only way she could doze off was to sleep on her back propped up by several pillows so she wasn’t supine – or flat on her back – which can be bad for babies and Mom.

Bathroom Break

One of the most common symptoms experienced by pregnant women is the constant urge to use the bathroom. “I think I was up at least every hour to use the bathroom,” recalls Willis.

“With the weight and force of the fetuses inside of her, that will only naturally add more pressure to her bladder as she progresses through the pregnancy,” says Gregory. And unfortunately, there’s not much you can do short of getting up and actually going. ( insomnia solutions during pregnancy )

“Get a nightlight, keep your trips quick and to the point,” advises Willis. “Do anything to basically sleepwalk to the bathroom and get back in bed as fast as possible to continue in your slumber.”

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The Burning Feeling

That constant burning sensation in your esophagus is also enough to keep many soon-to-be-mothers of twins staring at the ceiling. Gregory says heartburn happens because your stomach empties much more slowly while pregnant. He suggests eating smaller meals and avoiding spicy foods and excessive amounts of liquids. Sabrina says you might also steer clear of big meals before bedtime.

Helping Massage

Awaiting the arrival of your little ones and becoming a mom is certainly enough to stress any pregnant woman, but add to that not being able to sleep, and you’ve got a double whammy.

Many women choose to have massages during their pregnancy to help them chill out. In fact, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork conducted a study showing that 42 percent of women said they would consider getting massages to help cope with stress and discomfort both during and after pregnancy.

“I have clients who tell me they wouldn’t have made it through their pregnancies without massage,” says Muriel. “It just gives them a break.”

A study at a research institute in Cleveland, Ohio, found that pregnant women who received massage had lower anxiety and stress hormones, improved moods, better sleep and labors with fewer complications.

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Muriel recommends women have a massage once or twice a week during their last trimester from either a professional or their partner. But, there are precautions when massaging a pregnant woman, so check with a massage therapist first.

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Other Relaxation Methods

Studies have also found that using lavender essential oil causes relaxation and even drowsiness. “Lavender oil is wonderful and safe,” says Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald author of The Detox Solution: The Missing Link to Radiant Health, Abundant Energy, Ideal Weight and Peace of Mind. “Used throughout the day, it helps to support calmness and can assist with sleep.”

Women carrying twins or triplets might also try Shiatsu, an ancient Japanese technique that uses touch, diet and breathing to redistribute excesses and blockages of energy in the body. Shiatsu is relaxing and can help promote sleep, especially if done before bedtime. Your partner can learn some of these relaxing techniques from a Shiatsu practitioner.

While you may never get a solid eight hours of sleep, especially during your last trimester, trying a few of these suggestions may help you make the most of what sleep you do get. So fluff up a few pillows, inhale some lavender and set your sights on dreamland.

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META : If you are curious about insomnia solutions during pregnancy, take a look at our article. We are sure that mothers’ experience and advice will help you.