Iodine Supplements During Pregnancy

Iodine is the basic building block of thyroid hormones. The value of iodine, which is important for the human body, becomes even more critical during pregnancy stages. Because the thyroid hormone is needed in pregnancy and the hormone wants to store more iodine.

Iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones and this hormone regulates many physiological events such as growth, development, metabolism and reproductive functions. In order to let thyroid hormone do this, iodine deficiency should be eliminated during pregnancy stages and attention should be paid to this issue.

Iodine Deficiency in Pregnancy

Iodine deficiency may damage first the mother and then the baby. The most common result of iodine deficiency is goiter disease. Iodine deficiency in pregnant women can directly affect the baby because iodine helps the baby’s brain and nervous system. In parallel, Iodine deficiency may lead to mental retardation. Even if it is not growth retardation, low IQ levels may be seen in babies in later periods.

According to the researches, it is observed that the conceptual development is stronger in the babies of mothers who take iodine supplements during pregnancy stages. Iodine deficiency in pregnancy may also cause adverse events such as miscarriage, pregnancy poisoning, risk of postpartum hemorrhage and premature labor.

How to Take Iodine in Pregnancy?

According to the American Food and Nutrition Service, the iodine requirement of pregnant women is 220 micrograms per day, and for nursing mothers it is 290 micrograms per day. Mothers should start to receive iodine supplements in pre-pregnancy or during the first period of pregnancy. Also, the mother should take iodine supplementation not only during pregnancy stages but also during breastfeeding period.

Iodine can also be taken through nutrition. The use of iodized salt instead of normal salt would be the perfect way to intake iodine. There is also plenty of iodine in seafood. Potato, milk and turkey meat also contain iodine. Remember to learn the iodine ratio your body needs from your doctor and get information about the iodine supplements.

How to Take Iodine in Pregnanc - Iodine Supplements During Pregnancy
How to Take Iodine in Pregnancy, stages of pregnancy

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