Itching and cracks in breasts during pregnancy - Itching and Cracks in Breasts During Pregnancy

Itching and Cracks in Breasts During Pregnancy

In pregnancy, increased hormones such as estrogen, progestron and prolactin in breasts cause an increase in milk ducts and fat tissue. Therefore, growth, fullness, increase in weight and tension and swelling will be observed in both breasts. In addition, the hormones secreted from the adrenal gland and menolocyte production increases and the nipples and the circumference of the nipples expand and darken. At the same time, there will be increases in fissure and vascular development in the nipple and surrounding areas due to the growth in the breast.

All these changes will begin in the first weeks of pregnancy stages and will increase in the last months. Itching and cracks in the nipple and around it develops as a result of stretching due to the growth of both breasts. Cracks will disappear after pregnancy. However, it can rarely leave traces in some women. Also, if you want to get information about itching after the birth read: Postpartum Itching: Causes and Effects.

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What can be done for cracks and itching in breasts during pregnancy stages?

In order to eliminate the cracks and itching seen during pregnancy, moisturizing creams that may rejuvenate the skin may be useful. Even cortisone creams and sometimes antibiotic pomades can be added to these creams.

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Pregnancy symptom: Pain in breasts

Pain in the breasts during pregnancy stages is a result of the growth of breasts. However, feeling the pain in the beginning of pregnancy is considered the first sign of pregnancy. The findings usually start from the 6th week of pregnancy. Not seen in every pregnant woman. Therefore, women with delayed menstruation should not expect pregnancy by looking at this findings. They should do a pregnancy test in order to be sure. Because the same findings other than pregnancy can be seen as the effect of some diseases and drugs.


In which cases a doctor should be consulted?

In cases of severe pain, bloody discharge or brown liquid from the nipple, skin collapse, redness, breast wound, heat sensation, you should seek help from your doctor.


What can be done for pain in breasts during pregnancy stages?

Mastalgia (pain in the breast) usually manifests itself with a mild pain. Most times there is no need to take painkillers. It is recommended to use a bra which supports and lifts the breasts.

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