Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

Mothers encounter many problems during pregnancy. Formation of kidney stones during pregnancy is one of them. Some mothers may experience this problem before getting pregnant. In both cases, this can be very troublesome and disturbing for mothers. In this article, we will give information about kidney stones during pregnancy, its symptoms and treatment.

Kidney Stones During Pregnancy: Symptoms

It is not easy to diagnose kidney stones during pregnancy because its symptoms are similar to the pregnancy symptoms. Side back pain, nausea, vomiting and frequent urination are common symptoms of kidney stones. But they can also occur without kidney stones in pregnancy.


In addition, pain of kidney stones in pregnancy may be felt at different points from the waist and groin. This making it difficult for the physician to diagnose the pain.

Kidney Stones During Pregnancy: Precautions and Damages

The most feared complication of stone during pregnancy is miscarriage and premature birth. Pain and contractions due to stone may cause premature labor contractions in uterus.

Women with weight problems, diabetes, high cholesterol problems and metabolism problems should see a doctor before they become pregnant.


To prevent kidney stones during pregnancy:

  • Drink plenty of water,
  • Do regular walk,
  • Reduce use of salt,
  • Reduce fatty foods,
  • Do not drink tea, coffee, cola and similar acidic and carbonated drinks,
  • Apply regular nutrition,
  • Keep your feet and abdomen warm
Kidney Stones During Pregnancy 1 - Kidney Stones During Pregnancy
Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

Kidney Stones During Pregnancy: Treatment

The general condition of the patient, the duration of pregnancy, the size and location of the stone determine how the treatment will be.

It is possible to provide stone removal with easy treatment methods almost in all pregnant women. However, in some patients the condition of the disease may require medication or interventional treatment.

A common treatment of kidney stones in pregnant women is placement of a stent into ureter. In this way, the pain caused by the stone and clogging of the kidney are prevented or eliminated. This situation allows for postponement of the problem until the definitive treatment after the pregnancy. Another procedure that is applied is to remove the stone by endoscopic method. However, this treatment is generally not preferred during pregnancy.

If the kidney stone disease is diagnosed before pregnancy, it is easier to treat. The emergence of this problem during pregnancy can be risky for both mother and baby. So, kidney stone treatment should be done before pregnancy.