How to Tighten Loose Skin After Birth?

Loose skin after birth is one of the biggest problems that mothers experience in pregnancy periods. There are some precautions to be taken during pregnancy to prevent the body from losing its former form.


In advanced age and multiple pregnancies loose skin may seen more

In cases where the intracellular pressure is excessively high, the skin muscles remain under pressure. Therefore, the skin expands and deforms. Due to the deforming of the muscles, the skin loses its flexibility with time and stretch marks occur. Sagging skin is more common especially in the advanced age pregnancies. The most important requirement for preventing sagging skin is to exercise regularly and pay attention to your nutrition.


Being overweight before pregnancy is a risk for loose skin!

Today, being overweight has increased rapidly with the change in the people’s diet. If the mothers begin their pregnancy with excess weight, the risk of loose skin after birth increases. Even if the birth is quite healthy and normal, being overweight before pregnancy causes more effort to recover the body after birth.


You can have a flat and smooth stomach without surgery!

As soon as the mother gives birth, she wants to return to her old form in a short time. But at this stage it is necessary to be patient. You should wait for the body to recover itself first. It will be good to start regular exercises during this time. Especially nursing mothers will be able to give their excess weight more quickly. But what is important at this stage is to have a tight body without sagging, rather than giving more weight. For this reason, post-pregnancy exercises are very important.

postpartum exercises - How to Tighten Loose Skin After Birth?
The Definitive Guide to Postpartum Exercise: Get Your Fitness Back



Measures for loose skin during pregnancy


1- Provide a planned weight control!


First of all, you should reach an ideal weight before pregnancy. If you have the ideal weight before pregnancy, it will be natural get 11.5 to 16 kg in pregnancy.

The ideal weight before pregnancy may vary depending on your age and height. You can check your height weight ratio from this address: Calculator !


2- Pay attention to your nutrition and fluid consumption!

To set the diet according to pregnancy will allow the pregnancy to continue healthy. At this stage you should remember that you need to eat enough rather than eating too much. Daily needed vitamins, minerals and protein should be taken. A pregnant woman needs more than 300 calories a day, compared to a non-pregnant woman. In this case, the daily calorie amount that pregnant women need is equivalent to 2300 calories. So, meal frequency should be increased. Eating frequent but less will be healthier for mothers and prevent low blood sugar.

Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy is also very important. Water consumption that prevents skin moisture loss is also prevent strecth marks and sagging skin. You can have a look at for water amount that to need: How Much Water Do You Drink During Pregnancy?

3- Regular exercise is a must!

The exercises you will do regularly during pregnancy will help you lose weight more easily after birth. It helps your body look more beautiful. Because, the exercises increase the blood supply to your skin and muscles. We will show you now some exercise movements in order to prevent the sagging of the skin after birth.

Postpartum Exercise

Postpartum Exercise 2

Postpartum Exercise 3


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