Month by Month Pregnancy Changes

Pregnancy Changes Month 1

Even though there is no change in your outward appearance, the signals your body gives can indicate that you are pregnant. You can have a pregnancy test or a blood test to clarify this situation. Congratulations, you are pregnant!


Pregnancy Changes Month 2

When you know you are pregnant you can start folic acid intake before pregnancy by consulting your doctor. This month, your nausea and your appetite will be quite effective. Maybe you’re not aware, but you’re starting to gain weight. You can understand this change from your trousers.


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Pregnancy Changes Month 3

From the 3rd month onwards, a pregnancy glow will come to your face. As your blood volume increases, your face will be more colorful. Now your baby’s size is like a grapefruit so you can feel your pregnancy when you look at your belly. But, in this period you should pay attention to your movements against the danger of miscarriage. You may have intermittent bleeding. Do not forget to consult your doctor if these bleedings persist. Nausea may still can be seen.


Pregnancy Changes Month 4

Your baby may be kicking you with weak strokes this month. Most parents can not feel it during the 4th month of pregnancy. But after this month, your baby’s kicks will be more obvious. Your apetite has probably been increased. Your abdomen has become more evident. When you look at the mirror in this stage of pregnancy, you will see another change: darkening the skin.

Pregnancy Changes Month  - Month by Month Pregnancy Changes
month by month pregnancy changes, Pregnancy stages

Pregnancy Changes Month 5

Maybe you could not feel kicks last month,but this month it will be more clearer. You may experience mild pain in your abdomen in the middle of this month. Because, your growing belly has changed its center of gravity. Your rapidly growing abdomen can cause posture disorders. Give more effort than ever to walk upright.


Pregnancy Changes Month 6

Since this month, your blood cannot move as fast as it did before, so you may feel dizziness when you stand up or after a long period of standing. In the sixth month of pregnancy, you need more nutritional value. Besides vitamins and minerals, you also need to take iron supplements. Do not forget to consult your doctor about nutrition in your first checkup.


Pregnancy Changes Month 7

Especially in the morning, swelling in your hands and feet can be seen and you may experience shortness of breath. Pay attention to the signs of premature birth during this period. The 7th month during pregnancy stages is the period of premature birth.


Pregnancy Changes Month 8

Excitement is at its peak! There is little time left to meet your baby. Your body is also very prepared for your baby. Problems such as frequent urination or nausea are inevitable. This month you can be more emotional than ever. The best way to relax is  thinking about the day you will meet your baby.


Pregnancy Changes Month 9

In this period, you may feel false labor pains. Real pains of birth occur regularly and frequently, and the severity gradually increases. False labor pains are irregular and their severity is always the same. This way you can distinguish them. But you should also be sensitive to these pains.


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