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Mood Swing in Pregnancy

Ever since you learned you are pregnant, have you noticed that you are starting to scare yourself more than ever? You don’t have to worry because it’s perfectly normal. There are many changes in your body with the stages of pregnancy. Sometimes your  mood swings in pregnancy stages can go beyond your body and can continues even after birth. Adoption of mood swings during pregnancy stages will be the first step in order to prevent some uncomfortable situations.

  1. Why do I feel so depressed?

Some hormones take you under control in pregnancy stages. These hormones often do not allow you to rest normally. One day, you may feel optimistic but next day you are depressed and you feel bad. Sometimes you can’t even be sure you’re pregnant or not. Yes, this situation is normal and most women experience this. However, you may need to talk to your doctor if it does not pass for a long time.


  1. Why Do I Feel Pensive and Forgetful?

One of the most common moods when you’re pregnant is that you feel constantly pensive and forgetful. With the effect of your hormones, you can suddenly drop something from your hands because they causes your joints to loosen. In this case it may be better to stay away from housework. Relax your feet and do activities that spoil yourself.

Mood Swing in Pregnancy - Mood Swing in Pregnancy
Pregnancy moods, stages of pregnancy

3. Why Do You Feel Frustrated and Angry?

Having a baby is not easy. This difficulty begins in the womb. When you’re pregnant, your body’s work increases. Even if you are resting during pregnancy stages, the amount of energy spent in this period is almost equivalent to energy spent of a mountaineering. Complaints such as gas formation, constipation and reflux during pregnancy stages also negatively affect your pregnancy. As a result, you may feel angry and nervous because of all these hormonal changes. As you may have reflux during pregnancy stages, it also can be in your baby after birth. If you would like more information about this topic, please check our article reflux in babies : symptoms and precautions.


  1. How Can I Deal With My Changing Mood?

Mood changes during pregnancy stages are normal and it is easy to control them.

  • Since your partner is your closest, speaking with him heartily and sincerely can contribute to getting you out of this mood swings.
  • If you have older children, they may not understand your sudden mood change. By making them feel your love, it may be a good idea to tell them that some changes in you are reflected in your mood.
  • Go out and walk to get rid of your current mood. You will also have back pain during pregnancy and sports will be good for you.
  • Perform deep breathing exercises. When you are angry, take a deep breath and get away from that mood.
  • Watch something funny or read humorous books when you feel your mood is changing.


Now you know how to manage mood swings during pregnancy stages. It may be a good idea to let your doctor know how you feel when you are overly anxious. Your doctor can decide whether you need help or not. A part of the mothers can take the mood changes during the pregnancy stages to the next level and it may lead to the postpartum depression. Early intervention helps to overcome the problem in this respect.