Most Common Pregnancy Problems

Pregnancy problems we mentioned in this article are very common. Pregnancy is a period of physical change in which physical disorders may often seen. If you complain about any of these conditions, you are not alone.

In order to support the development of the fetus during pregnancy, the woman’s metabolism is accelerated. This requires the mother’s internal organs to function more than normal.

This process also leads to some problems. These problems usually change each quarter and disappear completely after the baby is born.

Pregnancy problems are not the same for everyone and may arise with the advancement of your pregnancy. The effects we will discuss in this article are due to pregnancy hormones and are generally not something to worry about.

Knowing these common problems of pregnancy will at least relax you.

Most Common Pregnancy Problems2 - Most Common Pregnancy Problems
Most Common Pregnancy Problems, Stages of pregnancy

Problems seen in the first trimester of pregnancy


This is a very common condition of pregnancy. It is caused by some hormones such as progesterone. You can minimize your indigestion problems by putting more pillow under your head while sleeping and by eating less but frequent.


This problem is due to hormones and weight gain. In order not to feel tired, try to rest as long as you can. In fact, we gave you more advice in the article : How can you deal with fatigue during pregnancy?



Constipation is a typical symptom and can continue throughout your pregnancy stages. To deal with constipation during pregnancy, apply a fiber-rich diet and drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Whether you are looking for fiber-rich foods; check out our Fiber Supplementation Pregnancy Stages article.


Frequent Urination

The need to go to the toilet frequently is one of the first symptoms that arises in pregnant women. It is a common complaint both in early and late stages of pregnancy.


Nausea and vomiting

To avoid nausea during pregnancy stages, be sure to apply a balanced diet. A few sips of soda can provide temporary relief when you feel sick. Find out more about nausea in this article: Ways to Reduce Nausea in Pregnancy.


Problems in the second trimester of pregnancy


Muscle cramps are a typical side effect seen in the second trimester. If you have cramps, try a massage to the affected area. A diet rich in calcium and magnesium can help prevent cramps.

Nasal obstruction

Nasal obstruction is another frequently seen symptom in the second trimester. Do not confuse it with cold. First , make sure there are no other symptoms, such as fever or pain. If you have one, consult a doctor.

Edema or swelling of the hands and feet

This side effect is usually associated with water retention that occurs during pregnancy. The best treatment to reduce swelling is resting. Keep your feet up while resting for best results.

Color change in skin

Some pregnant women may have dark spots on their face. These are known as melasma and chloasma. This discoloration typically occurs on the nose, cheek, or neck. To avoid this, apply a high-factor sunscreen.


Problems in Pregnancy: Last trimester


Hemorrhoids are also a very common symptom in pregnant women. Apply a diet that contains plenty of fiber foods to avoid this and help facilitate intestinal function.

Back pain

The pain in the lower and middle part of the back is called lumbago. It is one of the most common complaints in pregnant women. To alleviate the pain, it is recommended to apply heat to the affected area and perform special flexing movements. Check our post Back Pain During Pregnancy for the special movements.


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