Newborn Baby Bath

It is very important to give necessary attention to the newborn baby bath. For this reason, there are a number of rules that parents should know in the first bath. There are some things that need to be paid attention in the newborn baby bath, so it is advisable to read more about this article.


Your baby inevitably moves when in contact with water. You must be very quick because these movements will force you. Don’t get into distress, stress or fear in the newborn baby bath. As time goes on, your baby will get used to this situation. Newborn baby bath should be repeated at least 2 times a week. This number may be less as the age progresses. In newborn baby bath, you should wash the diaper area frequently. On warm days, you should wash your baby’s face once in a while.


Baby Bath

Your baby grew up and started walking. From now on, bathing every evening will be very good for him/her to rest and relax. Newborn baby bath is not recommended in 8 – 10 days old babies whose umbilical cord is not dropped yet.


Baby Shampoo Selection

You should be very careful in choosing baby shampoos. Babies are extremely vulnerable because their immune system is not strong. Therefore, you should choose shampoos that are specially produced for them, which will not harm their skin and burn their eyes. Babies will not become dirty because they are in the house all the time. Therefore, no matter how much organic your shampoo is, you should definitely use it to a lesser extent.

Also, in the newborn baby bath, it is more appropriate to use the most suitable shampoos for ph point.


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Newborn Baby Bath - Newborn Baby Bath
Newborn Baby Bath, Pregnancy Stages

Newborn baby bath by wiping with a cloth


Things you’ll need:

* Two bath fiber

* Soft soap and shampoo

* Cotton balls

* One towel

* Alcohol

* Cotton-wrapped stick

* Swaddling clothes

* Clean clothes


Stand next to the table and lay your baby on a thick towel.

First start by washing your baby’s face with lukewarm water, especially the back of the ears, the folds inside the ear and the layers on the neck.

Unless your baby’s body is sweaty, oily or dirty, it is sufficient to clean it with water only; or use a mild soap.

Pour a few drops of water to the top of your baby’s head and use some of the baby shampoo. Massage to the top of the head properly. Do not worry about the soft area above the head. It’s really quite solid. Dry your baby’s head with the head of the towel. When cleaning the rest of the body, cover your baby’s head with the towel’s headpiece.

Remove the diaper and clean every rest of the body. Hands and legs, knees and elbows and all regions that are oily. Clean the area around the cord with cotton sticks soaked in alcohol.

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