Newborn Baby Care

The first 28 days after the birth of the baby is called newborn period. In this period, newborn baby care is really important because newborns are highly sensitive and vulnerable to the external environment. Actually, This is the period when your baby needs you most. In this period, meeting your baby’s needs in the most accurate way will help to the development of your baby both physically and spiritually. If you want to learn the needs of newborns and how to meet them you should read this article.


Newborn Baby Care and Newborn Needs




  • Newborns do not have fat cells that keep the body temperature as stable as we do. In this case they are easily affected by air changes. For this purpose, it is very important to choose the baby’s clothes by season.
  • The ideal body temperature of the baby is 36.5 degrees.
  • The ideal temperature of the baby’s room is 22-28 degrees.
  • Clothes should be changed immediately when they wet.
  • It is important to use clothes that are cotton and not contain any ornaments that will disturb the baby.




  • Only the breast milk should be given to the newborn baby unless the doctor says the opposite.
  • Breastfeeding whenever the baby wants is very important in newborn baby care.
  • You must breastfeed the baby in every 2 hours. If you exceed 2 hours, the baby’s blood sugar will fall and he/she become sleepy.




  • Newborn baby sleeps 17-18 hours a day.
  • The baby should be laid in a non-soft crib or bed. The sheets should be stretched.
  • Do not use pillows.
  • It is very dangerous for parents to sleep with the baby.
  • The baby should not be laid face down.
  • Puting to sleep the baby in a noisy and very bright environment reduces the quality of the baby’s sleep.
NEWBORN BABY CARE - Newborn Baby Care
Newborn Baby Care, Pregnancy Stages


  • One of the most basic thing in newborn baby care is love. Especially in this period, the healthy bond with the mother will contribute to the healthy continuation of both breastfeeding and infancy.


5- Diaper Change
  • In newborn baby care you should change the diaper frequently. Also, nothing should be used, except water and cotton for cleaning the diaper area.
  • If the cotton to be used in cleaning is pre-soaked and put on hold, bacterial growth may occur.
  • Diaper should be changed and ventilated every 3 hours.


  • You must not hurry to wash the baby in newborn baby care. The white layer covering the newborn baby protects the body temperature and is a great moisturizer. If there is no urgency, you should wait for the umbilical cord to fall.
  • The temperature of the bath water should be 34-36 degrees in newborn baby care. If you do not have a special thermometer, you can control the heat by immerse your elbow.
  • The newborn baby loses heat most in the head. So, you need to wash the body first, then the head. Bath time should not exceed 5-10 minutes in the newborn baby care. You can find more information about baby bath by reviewing our article named newborn baby bath.

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