Panic Attack in Pregnancy: Symptoms and Treatment

Even the idea of ​​having a baby for many women is exciting. But during pregnancy, everything may not go well, and this can lead to stress during pregnancy. Panic attack in pregnancy and anxiety are quite common. Doctors say many pregnant women have a panic attack. If stress is not controlled and the level of panic attacks increases, your baby may be affected.


Symptoms of Panic Attack in Pregnancy

In fact, the panic attack during pregnancy is not much different than normal. Symptoms of panic attack in pregnancy include;

The panic attack starts suddenly and can worsen as time passes. The physical symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety may point a serious physical illness. Women with a history of panic attacks are more likely to have a panic attack in their pregnancy.

Experts believe that the occurrence of panic attacks in pregnancy is due to hormonal changes or genetic reasons.


Can Panic Attack in Pregnancy Hurt The Baby?

When mothers experience intense panic attacks, the blood flow of the fetus decreases. This may lead to low birth weight and premature birth. Some concerns during pregnancy are normal, but chronic anxiety or stress adversely affects the development of the baby.

There is a small risk of miscarriage when you have a panic attack while you are pregnant. If you are not control panic attacks, it may turn into a very destructive process. The major cause of panic attack is stress, which is the reflection of changes that occur during pregnancy. Remember, not only panic attacks, but also stress can affect your baby’s health negatively.


Panic Attack Therapy in Pregnancy

Panic attacks in pregnancy are usually treated using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. If your anxiety level is low, you may not need treatment. Treatment of panic attacks during pregnancy will often be a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies. Cognitive therapy can help people replace negative or frightening thoughts with more realistic and positive ones. Behavioral therapies such as caution exercises can also help to treat anxiety problems. Awareness focuses on what’s going on in the present. It teaches you to focus on yourself rather than worrying about the future or staying in the past. All this helps to reduce the stress of pregnancy.


With cognitive behavioral therapy, thoughts can be controlled and managed. Pregnant women should avoid things that can trigger a panic attack, such as drinking coffee or being in an extremely hot place.

Relaxation techniques, including deep breathing, can help calm someone having panic attack. If necessary, anxiety drugs can also be used during pregnancy. But of course it should be under the supervision of a physician.


4 Panic Attack Solution During Pregnancy

Both anxiety disorders and panic attacks affect women more than men. Pregnant women with a history of anxiety or panic attacks may face difficult and confusing options for the treatment of symptoms.

  • Talk to your partner, family, or friend about how you feel.
  • Do not feel guilty or embarrassed.
  • Learn to listen to your feelings.
  • Learn about simple relaxation techniques and practice regularly.

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