How Your Body changes during pregnancy2

Physical Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the physiological processes of female life. Because of the changing hormonal structure, mtoher experience some physical and spiritual changes. Most of these changes back to their old state. Living conditions, dietary habits and the environment of the pregnant will cause these changes to occur in different proportions.

Changes in Pregnant Women in Pregnancy 

The changes in the mother appear different each month during pregnancy stages. In the first months mother experience menstrual delay and then the waist and the groin pains. In the first period, fatigue, tendency to sleep, tenderness in the breasts, fullness in the groin and in some pregnant women there are complaints of nausea and vomiting can be seen.

Especially after the 20th week of pregnancy, the mother’s weight gain tendency begins. You should be very careful about this and you should be trained by experts in nutrition. You can experience joint pain, back and low back pain caused by weight gain in this period. Due to frequent urination and pressure to the stomach, stomach pain and cramps occur.

Physical Changes During Pregnancy 1 - Physical Changes During Pregnancy
Physical Changes During Pregnancy

Cracks During Pregnancy

Due to abdominal enlargement during pregnancy stages, abdominal skin tensions and itching occur. Other than itching, especially skin cracks may occur. These cracks in the abdomen are proportional to the family characteristics of the pregnant, her feeding habits and her fast weight gain. After the pregnancy, the color of these cracks become the color of pearl and become permanent. For this reason, after a certain week, crack creams and herbal medicines are recommended to mothers.

Iron and Vitamin Supplement

Some findings may occur due to increased iron requirement during pregnancy. Especially in mothers who have iron deficiency; nail fracture, hair loss and weakness can be seen. For this reasons, iron and vitamin supplements are required. Also, there may be darkening in the belly line. All of these are temporary changes and they return to their original state after birth.