Postpartum Itching: Causes and Effects

Postnatal itching is one of the situations in which almost every women experience after birth. These itching are natural and can be reduced by taking simple precautions. If the itching is severe and persistent, the liver should be checked. Because, the bile flow has slowed due to pregnancy and bile salts accumulated in the skin cause itching.

Normally, bile salts are produced in the liver. It is then deposited in the gallbladder and secreted into the small intestine to be used in the digestion of nutrients. During pregnancy stages, this system does not work and bile salts are collected primarily in the liver and then to other organs. As a result of this situation itches occur. This is called pregnancy cholestasis.


This pruritus, which occurred in the last four months of pregnancy, usually passes after childbirth. In the last four months of your pregnancy stages, it usually takes place at night as an intense itching. It should be said that mild itching does not cause harm to both the baby and mother. However, if you are still not comfortable, tell your doctor about this pruritus problem and get help from a specialist if necessary.

In the case of severe itching, taking the same precautions may also be helpful in reducing itching. In the cholestasis of pregnancy, blood tests and liver function should be examined. The weekly or two week blood tests that your doctor will conduct provide follow-up of pregnancy cholestasis.


Conditions to Pay Attention in Postpartum Itching

  • If this itch is mild, you should pay attention to the choices of clothes.
  • In particular, avoid wearing tight clothing. Because narrow dresses intensify skin friction and cause irritation.
  • Choose comfortable and ample clothing.
  • You should make sure that the fabrics that come into contact with your body are not woolen or synthetic, but cotton.
  • Cool environment and frequent bathing relaxes the skin. This reduces the feeling of itching.
  • Any kind of moisturizer containing substances to reduce itching after bathing is useful in reducing itching. As a result, mild pruritus occurs frequently during and after pregnancy stages. However, in case of skin rash and itching is exacerbated, you should consult your doctor or go to a dermatologist. The gynecologist and dermatologist will be able to make an assessment of the problems and draw a road map.

Our articles are prepared to give advice. You should consult your doctor for exact information.


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