Postpartum Recovery

Do want to know everything about postpartum recovery and how return your normal life after the birth? Then, you can read this article to the end and you can find detailed information about this topic.


What are the Factors Affecting the Body’s Recovery After Normal Birth?

The first six to eight weeks after normal birth is very important for your body. The body tries to recover and return to normal after a number of changes in pregnancy stages, birth and after birth. It takes about a year for your body to literally return to old condition.


Some basic changes that your body will undergo after normal birth are as follows;


  • You may experience bleeding or contractions that help the uterus to retract to its original size. In most cases, it takes about six to eight weeks for the uterus to return to normal.
  • Pain in your neck, jaw or arm muscles is very common to experience. Stress and pain during the birth process begin to decrease within a few days after the birth.
  • During the first two to four weeks, some bleeding and discharge may occur in your vagina. You may also feel pain, drowsiness or general discomfort in your vaginal area.
  • There may be swelling on your feet and legs.
  • During the first few weeks you may experience constipation or general discomfort.
  • As your body prepares for birth, it begins to produce and store milk. Therefore, some kind of swelling occurs in the breasts and this may cause discomfort. When you start breastfeeding your baby, the problem of breast swelling will gradually decrease.
  • You can learn more things about the period after the birth by reviewing after pregnancy.
Postpartum Recovery - Postpartum Recovery
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When your baby is born, you probably want to give him all your love and attention. It is important that you provide proper rest and care for your body before you start your maternity duties. Postpartum recovery takes some time. These tips will help you recover after normal birth.


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What are the clues to help to postpartum recovery?


  • You can use an ice pack between the sanitary pad and your vaginal wound to reduce pain in your vaginal area. You may also need to change your pad frequently.
  • When urinating, pour a little warm water into your genital area to reduce pain.
  • Take care of your vaginal cleaning and be careful when doing so.
  • Be careful when trying to sit down. If possible, try to spend the first few weeks after the birth, lying down or sitting on the sofa.
  • After birth you should be very careful about your health, so you can heal quickly and look after your baby better. You may want to get up and sit down, but the first few weeks are very important. Not being careful during this period can lead to health problems. Do not forget to have good rest and proper nutrition. If your pain and other conditions become unbearable, consult your doctor immediately.
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