pre pregnancy care - Pre-Pregnancy Care

Pre-Pregnancy Care

The purpose of pre-pregnancy care, which is called preconceptional visit (doctor control in the period immediately before conception) is to determine the risk factors that existed before the pregnancy stages of the expectant mother. With medical support and information to reduce them, and to enable the mother to start pregnancy after these risk factors are controlled.
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What are the procedures to be carried out under the supervision of the doctor?

General anamnesis and examination

With the detailed questions directed to the pre-pregnancy care,
• Chronic diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy),
• Gynecological diseases (such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, infections),
• Conditions of previous pregnancies (low, anomalous birth, abnormalities in previous pregnancies),
• Eating habits,
• Life style (smoking, use of alcohol and other substances, working life, sleep and rest habits, exercise habits) can be easily identified.

Explaining the risk factors related to age or inheritance in mother and father candidate gynecological examination can pose a risk of infection, such as the mass (ovarian cyst, myoma, etc.), such as the emergence of cases, general examination of the situation that may pose risks in pregnancy (organs, functionalities, weight loss. properties, general physical features). Genetic counseling services may require some tests when necessary.

• Blood pressure measurement
• Laboratory investigations
• Weight measurement and determination of the relationship between weight and height
• Gynecological ultrasonography
• Treatment

Measurement of fasting blood glucose

Fasting blood glucose is carried out at the end of a fasting period of at least 12 hours in order to evaluate the sugar metabolism of the mother. The aim is to seek diabetes.
• Measurement of BUN and creatinine levels in the blood to assess renal function
• Measurement of TSH to evaluate the functioning of the thyroid gland
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