Pre-Pregnancy Concerns and Recommendations

Pre-Pregnancy Concerns and Recommendations

The first feeling that a mother experiences when she learned that she is pregnant is happiness. After the surprise and excitement that accompanies happiness, this beautiful news is shared with the father. This beautiful news that will make a big change in your marriage may bring some concerns to your mind. We consider these concerns as a normal process.

If you are experiencing pregnancy for the first time and not knowing exactly what you should, you may feel anxiety.


Situations where concerns may begin to pose a danger during your pregnancy stages.

  • When the concern level increases,
  • If the daily life of the mother has started to affect in a bad way,
  • If it causes disruption of communication with her husband and the environment,
  • If the emotional state deteriorates, the person becomes unhappy over time, or if this unhappiness takes long time,
  • If sleep disorder and lack of appetite are frequently seen,
  • The first person to support the mother is should be her doctor.
  • Also, the support of her husband and the close environment should continue throughout the entire stages of pregnancy.


Pre-Pregnancy Concerns -2
Pre-Pregnancy Concerns -2

5 questions and answers that can relieve pre-pregnancy concerns

1. Will my baby be healthy and normal?

If you have this concern, the first thing you need to do is to re-remember that many babies in your close environment are born healthy and tell yourself how science is progressing about this. Many advanced tests can now detect whether a prenatal problem exists.


2. With my baby’s birth, my whole body will change, and I can’t never be the same.

During your pregnancy stages, it is inevitable to you gain weight to feed your baby and support his/her healthy development. However, it’s also up to you to keep your weight gain at a certain level. To do this, you need to be in touch with your doctor, follow the lists that have given for you and your baby , and provide yourself movement routine that is recommended by your doctor.

Trust in yourself is very important in this stages of pregnancy. You need to enjoy this process as much as you can.

It is important for a happy pregnancy to enjoy those indescribable feelings that you feel against changes in your body and you need to stay away from those worries.

3. Can I be a good mother?

You can see if you can be a good mother only after you become a mother. For this reason, keep your thoughts away from your mind and trust yourself.

Get in touch with your doctor frequently, learn what you need to do, get reliable resources for a healthy pregnancy.

Remember a few things you’ve done well in the past. If you succeed in those, you can also be a good mother.

4. Will there be a change in my relationship with my partner?

The baby will bring a big change to the home and the load on you will increase. You’ll find that with your baby’s birth, your energy has fallen and you spend more time in the house.

Most of your chat topics will be your baby. So, it’s a change, of course. With enough patience, support and love, you will enjoy being a parent and you will overcome the difficult times in the beginning.

5. Will I love my baby?

The number of parents who do not express this concern but feel intense is not small. Of course, it is an expected feeling that you love your baby you carried for about nine months.

The mother who cannot feel this feeling immediately after birth actually experiences a normal process. You may need some time to form this bond.

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