Pregnancy and Work

In order to give birth to a healthy baby, care must be given during pregnancy. Especially working mothers should spend this pregnancy and work process without disturbing the home and work order.


As a working woman, how long can I postpone my pregnancy?

Since it becomes difficult to get pregnant after the age of 35, working women should take into account their plans to have children and act accordingly.


Is it possible that the severity of working conditions in my workplace is harmful to my baby?

The workload of most professions, including jobs that require physically high performance, is suitable for maintaining the pregnancy stages. However, jobs with high mental stress may increase the risk of premature birth. So, you should maintain your pregnancy and work in order.


When should I tell my colleagues that I am pregnant ?

In the first months of pregnancy, we recommend that you inform your boss about your pregnancy, as there may be situations requiring your rest.


What should I pay attention to while working?

Mothers who work have a irregular eating habit. The reason for this is that they must  eat something quickly and start the day. The solution may be to take the nutrition  seriously during pregnancy stages. Get up early in the morning, have a balanced breakfast, take home food for lunch and ask your partner to help you for dinner.


When should I start working again?
Pregnancy and Work

Is it possible yo rest at work ? I always sitting, what should I do?

It is also possible to rest at the workplace. It may be good for you to go work with the car, to use the midday for rest, to finish of your work as soon as possible and use the rest of the day to rest.


It is important for the mothers to get up and walk in every 2 hours at workplace and to relax the circulatory systems. Otherwise, undesirable conditions such as leg cramps and varicose veins may occur.


Can I drive ?

It is ideal to go to the workplace with a private car with your spouse or by public transport. If you use the vehicle yourself, you should pay attention to the use of safety belts and other safety rules in every stages of pregnancy. We do not recommend the use of vehicles except short distances after 32nd week.


When should I start working again?

After an examination at the end of the sixth week after birth, it is possible to return to work life if there is no problem specified by your doctor.


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