How is the Pregnancy Due Date Calculated - How is the Pregnancy Due Date Calculated?

How is the Pregnancy Due Date Calculated?

When the pregnancy is concretized, the question that arises in the mother’s mind is when will the birth take place? There are some methods used for calculating pregnancy due date from simple calculations to medical tables prepared by experts.


Regardless of the methods, the most important thing is that the mother recorded her last menstrual cycle. Women’s menstrual cycles enable the determination of the date in which the birth takes place. This date is considered to be the beginning of pregnancy.


How is the Pregnancy Due Date Calculated
How is the Pregnancy Due Date Calculated

Which formulas are used in calculation of pregnancy due date?

There is a commonly used mathematical method for calculating pregnancy due date.


Example 1

Estimated date of birth of a woman whose last menstrual date is June 17

17 + 7 = June 24

3 months back from June, March = 24 March will be the estimated date of birth.


Example 2

Estimated date of birth of a woman whose last menstrual date is June 10

10 + 7 = 17 January

3 months back from January, October = October 17 will be the estimated date of birth.


For other methods used for calculating the pregnancy due date, you can use a digital calculator that will be very useful for you. In this method, the only thing you need is the date of your last menstrual period.


Benefits of knowing the pregnancy due date


When the baby is 38 to 42 weeks old, it is thought that the end of pregnancy is reached. So in those weeks, experts have the opportunity to tell mothers the time period they will give birth to their babies.


The main purpose of this information is to find the opportunity to prepare the mother physically and psychologically. They can also prepare anything necessary for birth. But, the fact is that the time of delivery may vary from one to two weeks before or after the date your doctor indicates.


If delivery does not occur on the estimated date


The pregnancy due date is calculated as 40 weeks according to the last period of the mother. If the pregnancy completes 40 weeks and the delivery is not take place, some tests should applied. According to their results, if any problems are encountered, doctors may decide to wait a few more weeks. To learn more about delayed birth; What Happens in Case of Delayed Birth?



How to understand if the baby is ready for delivery?


Many doctors wait for the ultrasound results which take place at 12th week of pregnancy. In this test, attention is paid to the development and measurements of the baby.

The ultrasound in the 12th week allows the identification of anomalies in the fetus. Most of the genetic disorders or hereditary problems can be determined in this control. For example, Down Syndrome can be counted among these anomalies.


The estimated date of delivery allows the family to make the necessary preparations for the day the baby is born and to adjust their daily lives accordingly.

The important thing is to be aware that the date of birth may vary. No matter how many estimates are made, it is not possible to reach a exact date for the birth.

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