pregnancy nutrition for 3 trimester - Pregnancy Nutrition for 3 Trimester

Pregnancy Nutrition for 3 Trimester

Pregnancy nutrition is very important for a healthy pregnancy. So in this article we talked about how should your diet be in the three stages of pregnancy.


Nutrition in the First Trimester

Daily energy needs can be different for everyone. The thing that doesn’t change is the energy demand is increase for everyone in pregnancy. But this should not mean that you should eat constantly. Taking 100 calories more than its usual every day in the 1st trimester is enough to meet the energy needs. It is recommended to consume between 2400 and 2600 calories per day for a pregnant woman. You should keep in mind that this calories have to come from useful food sources. If you do not pay attention to pregnancy nutrition during the first months, you may experience problems with getting rid of wieght after pregnancy.


At this stage of pregnancy, many important vitamins and minerals get even more important than it is in pre-pregnancy. In order to meet these requirements, it is important to include basic food groups in the diet.

Pregnancy Nutrition for 3 Trimester - Pregnancy Nutrition for 3 Trimester
Pregnancy Nutrition for 3 Trimester

In order to raise the mother’s blood values and protect the baby against neural tube deformations folic acid is required. Nutrients alone cannot meet this need. Therefore, folic acid use is recommended 3 months in advance for women who want to get pregnant. For more information about folic acid supplementation for pregnancy: Folic Acid Intake Before Pregnancy.


In order to prevent nausea during pregnancy, cold and odorless foods should be preferred. To avoid problems such as heartburn, you should avoid eating huge portions at a meal and eating at night. Excessive spicy and hot food also should be avoided. In addition, controlled caffeine intake will also help to control heartburn. Excessive caffeine consumption during pregnancy can be harmful. In this article we mentioned in more detail; Caffeine Intake During Pregnancy.


Foods to be Avoided in the First Trimester

Avoid heavy metal-containing fish such as tuna, raw eaten fish such as sushi, undercooked meats, frozen meats and raw eggs.

Avoid non-pasteurized cheese types and milk.

Special attention should be paid to the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol consumption should be interrupted for a long time as soon as the news of pregnancy is received.


Nutrition in the Second Trimester

In these stage, continue to exercise regularly as your doctor allows, and apply your pregnancy nutrition program.

In these months, you should continue to take your doctor’s recommended vitamin and folic acid supplements. Anemia is one of the most common problems in pregnancy. Therefore, if iron need is insufficient during this period, it can be suggested to take iron supplements by your doctor.


Pregnancy Nutrition: Organize your diet!

During this period, the increase in the daily total calorie need should be increased from 100 calories to 300 calories. In other words, the need of the mother who consumes 2400 calories per day is 2700 calories in this period.

Exercises that are not excessive(slow walking, swimming, etc.) are very important for you and your baby. Besides, exercises such as pregnancy yoga and pilates will help you both physically and psychologically. For more detailed information about pregnancy yoga; Doing Yoga in Pregnancy.

Your diet, consisting of foods with high protein, fiber and calcium values, has great effects on the development of the baby during this period. In this regard, you can consult a nutritionist for a proper nutrition program.


Nutrition in the Third Trimester

Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C both accelerates wound healing and increases the absorption of iron. If you want to get more information about the benefits of vitamin C in pregnancy; Vitamin C in Pregnancy.

Some fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C are strawberries, melons, oranges, tomatoes, peppers, greens, cabbage and broccoli. Vegetables and fruits also provide fiber and mineral support to your diet. In addition, green vegetables contain very important nutrients for pregnancy, such as vitamin A, iron and folic acid.

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