Pregnancy Stages : Week 12

Pregnancy Stages : Week 12

12 weeks pregnant: Changes in Baby

At 12 weeks pregnant, the baby has a height of approximately 6.1 cm. The weight is between 8 and 14 grams. When you go to a doctor in the near future, you’ll probably be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat. You can hear these sounds with a special listening device, doppler.


  • In this week, hand and toes are now separated.
  • The nails are growing.
  • Fine hairs appear in various parts of the body.
  • Can we know the sex of a 12 week old baby? External reproductive organs begin to show distinct signs for male and female sex characteristics.
  • Nervous system develops more.


Pregnancy stages week 12 : Weight Increase in Mother

You probably start to gain weight from the sides of your abdomen. In addition, weight gain may be seen in the hips and legs.

You’re at 12 weeks of your pregnancy. Comparing to the 11th week, your belly is now larger and this growth will continue to the end of your pregnancy stages. If you want, you can learn every detail about the 11th week from our article Pregnancy Stages : Week 11

12 week old baby
12 week old baby, Pregnancy Stages

What are the complaints in 12th week?


  1. Headache

Headache is normal at 12 weeks pregnant. This is due to increased blood production. With the increase in blood production, the heart continues to pump more and faster. This difference in the circulatory system shows itself as headaches or sometimes dizziness.


There are many ways to deal with headaches. You can try methods such as regular and balanced nutrition, enough sleep, walking on a regular basis, doing breathing and relaxation exercises, changing the lighting of the environment.


  1. Changes in the skin

The skin can vary in many ways during pregnancy stages. In many women the skin on the lower part of the abdomen darkens and takes a black image. Occasionally, brown spots of various sizes appear on the face and neck. These stains disappear after birth.


Take care of yourself!

When you think about what you can do about your baby, do you forget yourself? Do you postpone doing activities that is both good for you and your baby because of weakness and fatigue? Whatever it is good for your body and your soul, we suggest you take the time for it. For example, during pregnancy, you can do pregnancy pilates or pregnancy yoga for a healthier body. If you wish, you can review our page Pregnancy and Yoga and look at its benefits.


Nutrition at 12 weeks pregnant

It is unhealthy to get too much weight during the pregnancy stages (especially in the first 3 months). It will be hard to carry your baby if you take too much weight. Even birth can be more difficult.


Move away from junk foods


You should stay away from foods that contain large amounts of fat and sugar. You should try healthy snacks instead.

Unless you are underweight and need some weight gain, you should be careful about fats and sweets. Calories of these foods are high and nutrient values are low. The most important thing to pay attention during pregnancy stages is the nutritional values of the foods you consume.

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