Pregnancy Stages : Week 16

Pregnancy Stages : Week 16

16 Weeks Pregnant : Change in Baby

  • The baby has a length of 10 to 13 from head to the hips and a weight of about 80 to 150 grams.
  • Thin body hairs will begin the emerge this week.
  • Nails of the hand fingers are formed entirely.
  • The legs are longer than the arms.
  • The sense of touch becomes increasingly sensitive. In fact, if you poke your belly, he/she also will move inside you.


16 Weeks Pregnant : Baby Movements

In 16 weeks of pregnancy, baby movements can be seen in ultrasound examination. Baby’s eyes make slight movements to the side. His/her arms and legs are in motion.

Are baby movements felt during 16 weeks of pregnancy? We know you wonder. You can feel your baby’s movements in this stage of your pregnancy.  Many women describe the feeling that their baby moves, such as the gas bubble or the wing flapping of a butterfly.


Pregnancy Stages Week 16 : Can we know the baby’s gender?

A good ultrasound and an experienced doctor can determine the gender of the baby in this week with great accuracy.


16 Weeks Pregnant : Change in Mother

Six weeks ago, the weight of your womb was 140 grams. Today it weighs about 250 grams. In 16 weeks of pregnancy, the mother’s abdomen is now becoming more and more noticeable. If you want to know more about your pregnancy 6 weeks ago, review our article named pregnancy stages  week 10.

It is normal to experience pubic pain in 16 weeks of pregnancy. This is due to the stretching of the muscles and connective tissues around the widening uterus.

image of the 16 weeks old baby in the mother’s womb

pregnancy stages 16 week baby - Pregnancy Stages : Week 16
16 weeks pregnant, pregnancy stages 16 week

You can learn about pregnancy stages and get week by week pregnancy information in our website.


Don’t neglect yourself!

In this period, we talked about what position you should sleep and how the nutrition should be organized. But what you can do for yourself and your baby are not limited to these! Yo can do pregnancy yoga, pregnancy pilates, spa, or you can get more specific suggestions about your diet. If you want to get more information you can check our post doing yoga in pregnancy.


Pregnancy Stages Week 16 : Things you should pay attention to

Particular attention should be paid to this week’s question of how to sleep in 16 weeks of pregnancy. It will be harmful for you to lie flat on your back while you are relaxing in bed, sleeping or exercising. This position exerts extra pressure on the veins and reduces blood flow going to the baby.


Nutrition in 16 weeks of pregnancy

You should consume snacks frequently during pregnancy stages. In addition to the main meals eating snacks 3-4 times a day will be healthy. First of all, snacks have to be nutritious.

The most important goal of nutrition during pregnancy stages is to eat enough. Selecting nutritious foods for snacks may require some planning and effort. You can prepare your snacks in advance. Plan weekly, go shopping, prepare your meals. Fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, eggs, nuts…

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