pregnancy stages week 21 - Pregnancy Stages: Week 21

Pregnancy Stages: Week 21

We think that at the 21st week of your pregnancy stages, you spend almost half of your week searching about changes in you and baby. Of course, this is not special to the 21st week. You take the same care in every week of your pregnancy. We know that you are curious about what happened in 21 weeks of pregnancy. Here is everything about 21 weeks pregnant!

How many months is 21 weeks of pregnancy? Let’s answer this question first. 21st week corresponds to the fifth month of your pregnancy. In fact, 9 months and 10 days are equivalent to 40 weeks or 280 days.


Pregnancy Stages Week 21 : Changes in Baby

Let start with baby size in 21 weeks of pregnancy. At 21 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s weight is 300 grams and height is approximately 18 cm.

This week your baby will taste what you eat and begin to get used to these tastes.

pregnancy stages week 21  - Pregnancy Stages: Week 21
Pregnancy stages week 21, 21 weeks pregnant

21 Weeks Pregnant : Baby Movements

One of the most curious questions is how to feel baby movements during 21 weeks of pregnancy? From the 20th week of your pregnancy stages, you can feel the movements of your baby. These first movements are like a source of relaxation and fun for most women. You can feel your baby’s kicking and punching, moving and sobbing starting from the 20th and 21th weeks.

Also, at this stages of pregnancy, it is normal to feel the baby’s movements one day and not to feel other day. You don’t have to worry about that.


21 Weeks Pregnant : Changes in Mother

There may be swelling on the legs, feet and wrists especially at the end of the day. If you stands too much, by lying down a bit during the day you can see your feet are less swollen. Drinking plenty of water will also reduce the swelling associated with the edema.

Your waist measure will probably change this week. Weight gain at 21 week pregnant should be between 4.5 and 6.3 pounds by this week. Sudden weight gain brings many difficulties in pregnancy stages.


Foot swelling in 21 weeks of pregnancy:

Unfortunately, the only thing that is swollen during pregnancy is not your abdonmen. There is a possibility of swelling and even growth due to sudden weight gain and retention of fluid during pregnancy stages. You must be happy if you are one of the lucky pregnants who never experienced such a problem, or who occasionally experienced mild swelling.

To consume plenty of water, to walk and exercise, to avoid challenging situations like siting or standing for a long time, resting your feet can give you a piece of relaxation about foot swelling.