Pregnancy Stages: Week 22

22 Weeks Pregnant : Change in Baby

Let’s start with the body measurements of the baby which is one of the most curious topics for mothers! At 22 weeks of pregnancy, the baby weighs 350 grams to 400 grams.

How much is the size of the baby at 22 weeks pregnant? The length from head to hips is approximately 19 cm. His/her body grows a little bit more each day, and she/he is getting ready to come out and meet you. The senses of touch, vision, hearing and taste are evolving in this period. If we could take a look at the baby in the womb, we could see that he was experimenting with the newfound touch sense by touching on his/her face or sucking his/her finger.


Pregnancy Stages Week 22 : Changes in Mother

Your growing belly is not yet very large. It won’t give you much trouble yet. You can tilt and sit comfortably. It doesn’t require any extra effort while walking. Morning sickness has probably passed and you feel better. Being pregnant is so much fun now!

The 22nd week may have its own symptoms, even though the early symptoms are no longer exist in this stage.

The question of how many kilos should be taken in 22 weeks of pregnancy is also one of the most curious questions of mothers. Pregnancy weight at 22th week should be between 5 and 6.5 pounds in total from the very beginning of pregnancy stages.

pregnancy stages week 22 - Pregnancy Stages: Week 22
pregnancy stages week 22, 22 weeks pregnant

22 Weeks Pregnant Nutrition: Water, Water and More Water!

When you are pregnant, you need more water and other fluids than ever before. Because liquids help the body to process nutrients, create new cells, maintain blood volume and regulate body temperature. You can feel better if you drink more water when you’re pregnant.

6 to 8 cups of water (average 2 liters) a day is a good target. In this subject you can take a look at our post named how much water should you drink during pregnancy  . Some problems you experience during pregnancy stages may be reduced if you consume enough water. Problems such as headaches, cramps in the uterus and bladder infections occur less when drinking plenty of water


22 Weeks Pregnant Psychology

You may notice improvements in your mood swings with this week. This may be due to the fact that hormone production is now increasing at a more balanced and stable rate. You’re also getting used to what’s going on inside.

Besides, if you feel stressed for many reasons during this period, you should relax and calm down. Stress is not good for anybody, and it is definitely not good for pregnant women who are now in your condition.


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