pregnancy stages week 23 - Pregnancy Stages: Week 23

Pregnancy Stages: Week 23

Pregnancy Stages  Week 23 : Change in Baby

This week your baby is almost 455 grams. The length from the head to the hips is about 20 cm.

The hair covering the body darkens. His/her face and body are beginning to take its final shape. His/her lungs are evolving to prepare for life outside. In addition, the vessels in the lungs continue to grow to prepare for breathing.


Pregnancy Stages  Week 23 : Baby Movements

In fact, you may already be starting to feel the movements of your baby. But the real festival begins now. Because babies spend their most active periods between 24 and 28 weeks. In the inside of the uterus he/she have plenty of room to move freely. But the movements are short and irregular. So do not be afraid if you feel his/her movements one day and do not feel the other day. You can start tracking his/her exact daily movement after 28th week.


Pregnancy Stages  Week 23 : Weight of the Mother

In this period your relatives can make comments about your weight. They can say you are carrying a twin baby because your excessive weight gain. Or they might think your weight is less than it should be. If you have concerns about weight, share this with your doctor and by this you can review your diet together. Your doctor will now look at your weight in every examination. He will monitor both changes in weight gain and growth in the uterus.

By this week, the total weight gain may be between 5.5 and 6.8 kg. Experts says with the total weight gain of between 11 and 14, your pregnancy is healty.


Pregnancy Stages  Week 23 : Health Advice for Mother

Usually mothers complete all tests in 23 weeks. After that, the baby’s healthy development is followed and the pregnancy is monitored. You should not neglect to take vitamins and go to the doctor controls regularly.

The amount of water you drink during pregnancy stages is very important. You can read our article about this subject how much should you drink during pregnancy?


Pregnancy Stages  Week 23 : Nutrition Advice

Vitamin C is helpful in the use of certain nutrients in the body. Especially folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E have an effective role for a healthier pregnancy stages. You should take some nutrients regularly because it is important that you do not experience vitamin deficiency during pregnancy stages.