pregnancy stages week 24

Pregnancy Stages: Week 24

We prepared the things that the mothers most curious about in the 24th week of pregnancy.


Pregnancy Stages  Week 24 : Change in Baby

What is the height and weight of the baby at 24 week pregnant?

At the end of the 24th week, the baby’s height is 34 cm. and weight is almost 650 grams!


At 24th week, your baby accelerates the development of bone and muscle tissue. The acceleration of this development means that the mother will feel the baby movements even more. You should not neglect the calcium support in these weeks and also it is better to take the calcium by nutrition.


  • Your baby’s skin begins to change at the 24th week. It is not as transparent as it used to be it is more like wrinkled now. As the adipose tissue increases, the skin will return to normal.
  • The taste sensations of the baby on the mouth and cheeks are now very much developed.
  • The foot size will increase by 2 times from the 24th week to the birth.
  • The most common complaint of mothers is the rapid weight gain. The weight that should be taken during pregnancy stages is mostly between 12-15. Of course, this rate may vary for everyone. If you want to learn more about the excess weight taken during pregnancy you can check our post about getting rid of weight after pregnancy.
  • Increased weight, sometimes prevent a pregnant woman to exercising. However, exercise during pregnancy should be continued. At least, it will be good for you to take 30 minutes of walks.
  • Having an unhealthy and irregular diet and eating late at night during pregnancy stages will result in more weight gain
  • Diabetes occurring during ”pregnancy stages” will usually pass after the planning of the nutrition. It does not cause disability in the baby. However, uncontrolled sugar intake will lead to the rapid growth of the baby in the womb. If the sugar level is kept under control during pregnancy, various problems that may occur in the baby after birth may be eliminated.


Tips for exhausted mothers:

The mother may feel more tired and weak in these periods. However, in case of fainting, anemia problem may have emerged. It is very important that you inform your doctor without delay and take the necessary precautions. It is also very important to eat red meat, green or brown lentils in this period. If you are not receiving iron supplements, you should remind your doctor.