pregnancy stages 25 week

Pregnancy Stages: Week 25

25 weeks of pregnancy, as in all weeks, is a week of incredible developments in the baby. Let’s look at your baby and what’s going on with you this week!


Your baby is growing as you pass the pregnancy stages

  • Your baby continues to prepare himself/herself for the outside world; The length is about 34 cm and the weight is 670 gr.
  • His/her hair is growing. His/her body’s starting to keep fat. His/her skin is wrinkled and soft.
  • Umbilical cord is now thicker and stronger. It transfers nutrients and oxygen to your baby and transmits the residues to your body for transformation.
  • He/she can now wring his/her hands, reach out to his/her feet and even sobbing. Moreover, you can feel them all.
  • Lungs are getting ready for his/her first breathing.
  • The nerves around the mouth are developing. This sensation will help your baby find your nipples.
  • At this stage, your baby’s hearing ability is developed enough to recognize his/her father’s voice and relax when he/she heard some sounds and music.


25 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Stages: Week 25
25 Weeks Pregnant

Mother’s hair is brighter than ever

At the 25th week, the baby’s hair starts to grow, but it also affects the mother. The mother’s hair is brighter and more lively. Its reason is your hormones during pregnancy stages. However, some mothers may experience hair loss due to hormones. There is no need to worry. These spills will end after birth.


Don’t neglect the exercises

Now the mother can not move as easily as before. If your pregnancy is not at risk, you can continue to exercise as long as your doctor allows.

But of course, you have to follow some rules while exercising. You shouldn’t get too tired. If you feel any pain, excessive sweat and dizziness you should stop. Light-paced walks will be enough. Since your center of gravity has changed avoid exercises that requires balance.

Be sure to drink plenty of water. If possible, start the exercises with warm-up movements, end with cooling movements.


Itching of the abdomen

If the mother’s abdomen is itchy, there is no need to fear. This is quite normal. As the pregnancy stages progresses this itching may increase. The abdomen is stretched as pregnancy progresses. This causes itching. It can be reduced with moisturizers.


As of the 25th week, you may experience rhythmic and regular movements in the abdomen. Actually, it’s your baby’s hiccups.