Pregnancy Stages : Week 8

Pregnancy Stages : Week 8

During the 8th week of pregnancy, your baby continues to grow at great speed. His/her height is 1 cm now, like a bean. During this stage of pregnancy, the baby’s height is approximately 1.4 to 2 cm. So your little baby has now started to take a human look, and at the 8th week your baby’s nose, lips, eyelids, legs and back begins to take shape.

During the 8th week of pregnancy, the mother continues to experience changes also. The expectant mother, who is 8 weeks pregnant, starts to feel a slight change in her waist and size of her clothes.


8 weeks pregnant: Changes in Baby

Starting this week we can start talking about your baby’s weight. At 8th week of pregnany, your baby is approximately 1.5-2 cm tall and weighs about 1 gr. His/her eyes and eyelids will take shape this week, and the nerve cells in the retina will begin to develop. This is the indication that the color formation in the eye retina begins to take place at the 8 weeks pregnant and the color of your baby’s eyes will also become apparent.

As the time passes your baby is growing in your abdomen. From this week on, his eyes, nose and mouth become more evident. Eyelids and the jaw begins to form and the ears take the shape that must be interncally and externally.

In the 8th week of pregnancy, the brain area of your baby develops quite rapidly. Therefore, your baby’s head can be seen as too large for his body.

From now on, your 8-week-old baby will start moving and shifting in your abdomen.

8 weeks pregnant, 8th week of pregnancy
pregnancy stages week 8


8 weeks pregnant : Changes in Mother

At the 8th week of pregnancy, cramping pains begin to be felt. As your baby continues to develop in your abdomen, the uterus inside your abdomen begins to stretch and causes pain. So, it is normal to have these pains and you don’t have to worry. However, if your pain is irresistible, be sure to concatct with your doctor.


Elevation of progesterone may cause weakness.

The increase of progesterone in pregnancy due to hormone change may leave you sluggish. You may also experience nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning. If your nausea and vomiting are frequent and you can not eat enough, you may experience weight loss. It is useful to discuss this with your doctor.


The clothes will slowly start to narrow.

In 8 weeks of pregnancy, your clothing will gradually begin to narrow. As your abdomen grows, we recommend you to buy new maternity clothes especially for the comfort of your belly.


The first three periods of pregnancy (trimester) are under the influence of pregnancy hormones.

During this period, some changes will begin to occur on your skin. For example, your skin’s oil secretion will increase. This can lead to grease and acne in your skin. However, this situation will disappear after the first month of your pregnancy.

In the following weeks, because of the preparation of breastfeeding period, your increasing hormones will cause growth and sensitivity in your breasts during.



It is very important that you follow the nutrition program specially prepared for you by your doctor. In this way, you will avoid unhealthy weight gain and your baby will be fed with healthy food.



In the first period of pregnancy, you should strengthen your spine. Exercises during pregnancy will provide you an important benefit to prepare you for birth. With slow walks and spine exercises, you can control your weight and increase your chances of normal birth.

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