Preparing for Twins

Preparing for Twins Practical Advice Every Parent Should Know

Everything you need to do while preparing for twins. Read our article to learn how to go through this excited but tiring process.

Joy. Surprise. Amazement. These are just a few of the adjectives parents use to describe their feelings when they receive the news they’re carrying twins.

Although parents often start with delight, they can be quickly overwhelmed once they contemplate the extra work involved in preparing for two babies. Sheryl Vega, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, recalls feeling ecstatic when she first learned she was having twins. Though that never changed, she also felt trepidation over the many preparations required for the new additions to her family.

“We had been trying to get pregnant for a while, so this news made us feel doubly blessed,” says Vega, whose twins are now almost 1 year old. While she feels that educating oneself about twins is important, she also believes that too much knowledge is not always beneficial.

“The more I learned, the more I felt I had to do,” says Vega. “Of course, after a while I got tired of reading about all that could go wrong, so I put all the books away about 7 months into my pregnancy.”

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Stop Worrying

In preparing for twins, Nancy Bowers, R.N., president of Marvelous Multiples and author of the Multiple Pregnancy Sourcebook, believes that women need to find a healthy attitude about the risks of a multiple pregnancy.

“There are two extremes,” says Bowers. “If a woman buries her head in the sand and doesn’t learn anything about multiple pregnancy, she is not only missing out on opportunities to have a healthier pregnancy, but is possibly increasing her risks when she ignores a symptom of a problem because she doesn’t know about it.”

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On the flip side, some go overboard and develop such an obsession with the potential problems that the overwhelming stress and anxiety make it impossible to enjoy the pregnancy. Bowers feels this is just as harmful as not knowing enough.

“I am a firm believer in realism with a positive attitude,” says Bowers. “It’s important to know what you’re up against – and then do everything you can to improve your odds. There are risks and complications that you have no control over, and you need to know the warning signs and how they will be treated. There are other risks you can do something about, and it’s important to know the difference.”

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Simple Preparations

Beyond educating yourself on the possible risks that may come with multiple pregnancy, it is important to prepare yourself in other ways as well. The practical care of twins can seem overwhelming to the new mother.

Vega’s mother was her main help in preparing her nursery for twins. “I got so big so early I couldn’t even bend over to put things away in the babies’ room,” says Vega. “I just sat on the rocker and pointed to where things should go. We did hire a housekeeper, and we also lined up our mothers to come by in shifts (my mother came for the first week and his mother the second). They helped with meals, laundry and feeding the babies.”

Sharon A., an former employee at the Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC), believes support is key for mothers with new twins, especially from mothers who have been through the twin experience.

“When I was pregnant with my twins, I made contact with my local club in Indiana, who are members of NOMOTC,” says Sharon. “Through the local club I was able to access information and support when I had my babies. The local clubs are the heart of our organization, and it is there that parents can get advice and help from other parents who have ‘been there.’ This type of support is invaluable in those stressful early years when you can feel particularly isolated. Advice that works for singletons does not always work for multiples.”

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Other Moms for Support

Sharon believes that a support group can be a lifesaver for moms going through the multiple birth experience. NOMOTC also offers materials available through the local clubs that can be accessed to help in preparing for the birth of twins.

“The best source of education is other mothers of multiples, who can be accessed through the local support group,” says Sharon. Local members can help the expecting mother make a list of necessary items, fight fears of problems during her twin delivery and set realistic expectations.

Support and education are the best ways for a mother of multiples to prepare for the advent of their babies: education to help yourself and your twins be as healthy as possible, and support to help you get through those first hectic weeks and months of your double blessings. Preparing for twins is almost as exciting as actually holding them – but not quite!

Tips for Women Expecting Twins

The following tips, compiled with the help of the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, will help get you ready for your twins so that you can have time to enjoy them!

  • Try to plan some freezer meals ahead of time. This will help on those nights when you are too tired to make supper.
  • Hire a housekeeper for a deep cleaning before you bring home the twins. It can help keep the house in order longer, allowing you to feel more relaxed.
  • Be certain that you are eating right for twins. Mothers of twins need more calories, more protein and carbs and more calcium and iron.
  • When you are expecting multiples, the thought of buying two or more of everything can be daunting. Most families of multiples will confirm that many items can be shared or borrowed. Ask stores about multiple discounts.
  • Two cribs are not needed initially. Newborn multiples are generally smaller than singletons and can easily fit in one bed for a few weeks or even months. The babies usually derive comfort from being placed in close proximity to one another during the early weeks after birth. Many NICUs have found that co-bedding in the NICU helps premature babies to be calmer and grow faster than those kept separate. Eventually, as the babies become more mobile, they will need separate beds so as not to awaken or hurt each other.
  • High chairs are not really needed until the babies can sit up by themselves. Most parents use infant seats for the first six months. Plan on getting high chairs for later feedings. Plastic trays that unlatch with one hand can be very convenient when juggling more than one baby. Some moms love high chairs on wheels so that they can push one baby from room to room while holding the other.
  • A twin stroller is a “must” to be able to get out of the house. They are useful in transporting your babies to doctor’s appointments and shopping. Choose the best quality stroller that you can afford, as parents of multiples tend to use their strollers longer and they must accommodate the weight of two children.

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