Reflux in Babies : Symptoms and Precautions

Reflux in babies is seen more than adults. Especially in premature babies, the risk of reflux is higher. Although reflux is considered normal for babies, is is important to investigate the underlying cause and to use the right treatment for healthy development .


The frequency of reflux in babies

Reflux in babies is really common. Especially, preterm babies are less fortunate than babies born at 9th month. Since the developement of the muscle structure between the esophagus and stomach is not yet complete, reflux is very easy to develop. These babies usually vomit after breastfeeding.


Reflux in babies can cause many problems and prepare the ground for different diseases.


  • It causes weight loss and growth retardation.
  • It causes pain and anorexia due to irritation in the esophagus.
  • Uneasiness may occur due to disturbed sleep.
  • They may have difficulty in falling asleep.
  • The vocal cords may be damaged.
  • There may be excessive wheezing due to bronchial obstruction in the respiratory tract.
Reflux in Babies Symptoms and Precautions 2 - Reflux in Babies : Symptoms and Precautions
Reflux in Babies Symptoms and Precautions, Pregnancy Stages

Can be diagnosed in a practical way

Physiological reflux is seen in almost every baby. If the correct diagnosis and treatment is applied, all the disorders of the baby due to reflux can be terminated.  For diagnosis an electrode probe is swallowed.At the same time, two pH meter electrodes are placed on the part of the esophagus closest to the stomach. In this way, the frequency of reflux in a day can be monitored and it’s acidic degree can be measured. Another diagnostic method of reflux is endoscopy.


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To prevent reflux in babies


  • Medications can be given to suppress gastric acid.
  • Swelling in the stomach, less poop, continuous belching shows that less stomach movement. For this, drugs can be given to increase stomach movement
  • He/she should be fed less and frequent.
  • He/she should be kept in an upright position for at least 45 minutes after every feeding.
  • It is also important that the baby’s head is at least 30 degrees up when sleeping.
  • Strawberries, carbonated drinks, cocoa-containing chocolate, hazelnuts and peanut should not be given to the babies who have passed into supplementary food because it triggers reflux.

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