Risks in Pregnancy: Causes and Consequences

Today, many pregnancies are completed without any problems and the mother is happy to have her baby in her arms. However, there are some risky situations that threaten the health of both the mother and the baby and may even cause death.

Problems in pregnancy stages may present a high risk for the mother, as well as for the pregnancy. Fortunately, if the health problems of the mother are diagnosed early, the pregnancy can continue in a healthy way.

  1. Pregnancy-related diabetes (Pregnancy sugar)

Pregnancy-related diabetes is a serious problem in 3-5% of 100 mothers. Respiratory distress in the newborn, blood sugar and fall in calcium level, newborn jaundice, premature birth, death in the mother’s womb (in pregnant women whose blood sugar can’t be regulated by diet), childhood diabetes and obesity, are among the problems may occur due to pregnancy sugar.

Maternal candidates also may face the following risks in pregnancy-related diabetes: miscarriage, pre-eclampsia (pregnancy poisoning), infections, difficult birth, vacuum or caesarean delivery, postpartum hemorrhage, diabetes in pregnancy, long-term diabetes and metabolic syndrome .


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  1. Pre-pregnancy diabetes

Pre-pregnancy diabetes can cause many health problems such as retardation in infant growth, increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth, congenital apologies, maternal infant death, increased amniotic fluid, newborn’s respiratory distress, newborn blood sugar and calcium level fall, increase in bilirubin level in the baby’s blood and jaundice, heart enlargement. This disease also threatens the health of the mother. Diabetic kidney and eye disease, diabetic nerve damage, pregnancy poisoning and infections are the most common problems than can be seen in the mother.


  1. Pregnancy poisoning

Pregnancy intoxication, which is frequently seen in the general population between 6-8 percent, may cause brain hemorrhage and brain injury, pulmonary edema, kidney failure, heart failure and liver failure and even death. Problems related to preterm birth, growth retardation in the womb and death are the causes of pregnancy poisoning.

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