Safe Skin Care in Pregnancy

Safe Skin Care in Pregnancy

You should pay more attention to the skin care products you use during pregnancy stages. Because chemicals found in many skin care products can cause harmful effects in pregnancy. For this reason, there are many natural, homemade skin care products that you can use at home as a pregnant woman.

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5 methods for safe skin care during pregnancy stages

  1. There are natural skin cleansers that will not clog your skin pores when cleaning your skin during pregnancy stages. For example, you can use a skin cleanaer prepared with essential oils. 1 teaspoon of castor oil with 1 teaspoon of olive oil until 2 min. Apply gently so as to massage. Then wipe your skin with a clean cloth moistened with hot water. This will give your skin a natural cleansing.


  1. During your pregnancy stages there are natural methods for renewing and cleaning your dead skin cells. You can try the carbonates for this. The alkaline ratio of carbonate is high. With this feature, it makes peeling effect on your dead skin cells and renews your skin without damaging your face. Gently massage the carbon on your wet skin for 20 seconds. Then rinse with warm water rinsing.


  1. During pregnancy stages you can apply steam to your face for acne and other inflammation on your skin, especially on your face. Pour some hot water into a bowl. Drop a few drops of chamomile oil into the hot water. Lean over this container by holding some towels over your head. If the steam is too hot and your face is burning, let the water cool down a bit. This application will clean your skin by opening your skin pores. Also, in order to avoid stretch marks you can check our article pregnancy stretch marks .


  1. During pregnancy, you can use tea tree oil for skin spots such as acne spots. Tea tree oil helps to clean your skin spots without irritating your skin. For this, mix some water with some tea tree oil. Apply this mixture to your acne spots 3 times a day.


  1. One of the products that you can apply for your acne spots during pregnancy is calamine lotion. Calamine lotion can dry your acne spots. Apply a little bit of calamine lotion to your acne or spotty areas at night and just sleep. But apply a small amount. Then rinse by washing in the morning when you wake up.

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