two week pregnancy - 2nd Week of Pregnancy

2nd Week of Pregnancy

What happens in the second week of pregnancy?

The sperm cell is produced in male reproductive organs. They are not resistant to body temperature, therefore they are located inside the scrotum outside the body. There are three major parts of the sperm cell: head, body and tail. While the head contains the necessary ingredients to enter the egg cell, the genetic structure of the father is present in the nucleus of the cell. The body part has the necessary energy storage for the cell to move forward. The tail provides the mobility of the cell. Approximately 1000 of the millions of sperm entering a woman’s genital system are nominated to fertilize the egg cell. And of course the winner is the strongest!

The woman’s eggs should be fertilized within the first 12-24 hours after ovulation.For successful fertilization, when the sperm cells come into the egg cell, they must be ready in the Fallopian tubes.


Women usually start using folic acid when they decide to get pregnant. But don’t worry if you haven’t started to use it. It is very unlikely that pregnancies started without folic acid use will result in negative consequences. If you start using it, the recommended daily dose is 0.4 milligrams (400 micrograms) and you can take it all in a single dose. Cereals, orange juice, fruits, legumes, beans, and other dark green leafy vegetables are sources of folic acid.

Remember that these nutrients are as good as reinforcement taken from outside. If you haven’t started using folic acid yet, you can start as of today. If you have NTD problems before, it is recommended to contact your doctor for dosage.

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Folic acid is a vitamin used in blood production and in many cell functions. The main purpose of getting folic acid as a reinforcement is to reduce the frequency of problems such as NTD. Folic acid supplementation is recommended because this substance is able to partially prevent potential problems in the central nervous system of the baby called neural tube defect (NTD). Some doctors think that it is not necessary to take supplements regularly and folic acid taken from natural sources is more appropriate. Always follow the advice of your doctor which you trust. The trust between the mother and the doctor makes the mother feel good.

What’s going on in mother’s body?

Your last menstrual period is over. It’s time to ovulate again. An egg cell is maturing in your right or left ovary for a possible pregnancy. The egg cell matures in a fluid-filled structure called a follicle. When the follicle reaches a diameter of 18-20 mm, it cracks due to the effect of increased hormones. It releases the egg cell inside it.

In the meantime, the inner layer of the uterus where your baby will grow  continues to prepare. If your menstrual cycle (the first day of your menstrual period until the first day of your next period) is 28 days, probably on the 14th day, that is the last day of this week or next week ovulation will take place.