Should Babies Sleep With Pillows?


  • The babies should be able to sleep at an adequate level in terms of their healthy development. So, do they have to sleep with a pillow to sleep comfortably? Should babies sleep with pillows? We have answered these questions for you.
  • Here are 6 necessary information you should know about the use of pillows in babies and children.


  • In general, parents think that their babies will be uncomfortable without pillows, but babies really don’t need pillows. They sleep in the same comfort when they don’t use pillows.


  • Experts recommend that babies should sleep without pillows until they are 2 years old.


  • Do not put your baby to sleep immediately after breastfeeding during the first 6 months. You must lay the head slightly upwards to prevent the milk comes back. Instead of putting a pillow under his head, it will suffice to put the pillow to the bedside. The pillow can also facilitate the risk of blockage.
Advice for comfortable and uninterrupted sleep - Should Babies Sleep With Pillows?
Advice for comfortable and uninterrupted sleep, pregnancy stages
  • In fact, after 2 years of age, children still don’t need pillows, but you can put them to sleep with a very thin pillow.


  • When choosing a pillow to use after the age of 2, do not prefer soft pillows such as a feather. This kind of pillows are very soft, so your baby may bury his/her head while he/she is asleep and has difficulty breathing.


  • Do not use pillows that are more likely to cause allergies such as bird feather or goose feather.


Advice for comfortable and uninterrupted sleep


  • He/she relaxes with sleeping in a quiet and relaxing environment by hearing your voice or with a music.
  • The temperature of the sleeping environment needs to be well adjusted, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Do not put your baby to sleep in a lighted environment. Let him/her sleep in a dark or dimly lit room.

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