smoking during pregnancy, damages of smoking to the baby

Smoking During Pregnancy: Dangers

There is no evidence to suggest that smoking during pregnancy causes harm to the developing baby. However, especially from the 4th month, the damages of smoking in pregnancy have been proven.


Dangers of smoking during pregnancy

  • Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage.
  • Smoking in pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth.
  • Smoking during pregnancy causes infant death.
  • Can cause vaginal bleeding.
  • May cause abnormal plesanta settle.
  • To learn more about miscarriage: What are the Symptoms of Miscarriage?


Smoking During Pregnancy Dangers - Smoking During Pregnancy: Dangers
Smoking During Pregnancy Dangers

Damages of Smoking to the Baby

Smoking during pregnancy has a great negative impact on the baby in the womb. These are;

1- The risk of stopping breathing increases.

2- The risk of sudden infant death increases by 2 times.

3- In the long run, physical and mental defects and hyperactivity can be seen in children.


When you smoke, your baby is imprisoned in a smoke-filled womb, his heart rate accelerates, worse than all, cannot grow and develop.

Studies have shown that the effects of smoking depend on the dose as in alcohol use. Tobacco reduces the birth weight of babies proportionally to smoking. In other words, the more you smoke when you are pregnant, the greater the risk of your baby being premature.


Recommendations for Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy

If you smoke before pregnancy and do not want to continue during pregnancy, trust yourself in quitting and be decisive! You are now a future mother and you can do it for a healthy baby.


1- Believe in yourself! In front of the mirror look into your own eyes and repeat ” I’m gonna quit smoking first for my health and then for my baby’s health.”.

2- Avoid situations and places that will make you miss smoking.

3- Organize activities to keep your mind busy; such as painting, painting, cooking, cleaning.

4- It might help to chew gum to keep your mouth busy.

5- You may be interested in sports without putting your baby at risk. You can do mild walks with music lasting 30-45 minutes. There are many benefits of walking during pregnancy. To learn more about this: Walking During Pregnancy and Its Benefits.

6- An immersive novel can keep you from smoking.

7- You can go shopping for your baby and yourself.


Smoking during pregnancy causes the baby to receive less oxygen. In addition, thousands of harmful substances passes to your baby’s blood. Therefore, do not poison your baby.

The difficulty of quitting smoking last for several days to several weeks. But its benefit goes on for life for you and your baby.

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