Manage Your Pre Pregnancy Stress 1 - Stress Before Pregnancy: Causes and Solutions

Stress Before Pregnancy: Causes and Solutions

Stress is common in people’s lives. Especially the difficulties of living conditions, work intensity, rapid flow of time and many other factors create stress. It is normal for stress to be experienced at a certain level. But excessive stress and stress cannot be managed well, creates many negative situations. One of the negative situations that extreme stress creates on women is that it makes it difficult to get pregnant. Stress makes fertilization more difficult. If you wonder how to get pregnant fast, you can try managing your stress and reducing it.


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Manage Your Pre-Pregnancy Stress

Therefore, if you have pregnancy plans and you are under extreme stress, you should try to manage your stress and reduce your stress. You can use the following stress reduction techniques.

  1. Try to breathe deeply in several sets in the day and 10 times in each set. With this breathing exercise, you can relax by getting better oxygen to the body and brain. Breathe deeply through the nose and exhale slowly.


  1. Imagine the positive things in your mind and think as if you were living it. Imagine yourself in a place where you want to be right now, doing something you want to do, or doing other positive, beautiful things. In this way, imagine the events in your mind. This will help your stress.


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  1. Some essential scents make a very relaxing effect on people. For example, it is known that such a property of lavender fragrance. Sprinkle a little lavender scent on your home, hands, shoulders and arms. Get such relaxing scents from a store where natural products are sold.


  1. Try to be in a more calm environment that will allow you to rest. The noise around you, the stress of other people, the intense stimulants you get from your surroundings, all of which can cause stress. Be in a quiet environment to reduce your stress. Turn off the TV if you’re home. Turn down the music. Listen to the sound of silence.


  1. Perform stretch movements to ease your stress. Raise your arms over your head, grab your right wrist with your left hand and pull it to your left. Wait about 15 seconds. Then try this with your other hand. So grab your left wrist with your right hand and pull it to your right. Also, wait 15 seconds in this position. Then rotate your shoulders back and forth in a circular motion.


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