What are the causes of premature birth - Symptoms and Causes of Premature Birth

Symptoms and Causes of Premature Birth

Many causes can lead to premature birth. We prepared the most common causes of preterm labor for you. Conditions such as:

  • Multiple pregnancies (twins or more)
  • Use of substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs,
  • Inadequate and / or unhealthy nutrition of the mother,
  • Too much or too little weight gain,
  • Gum infections,
  • Sexually transmitted diseases,
  • Urinary tract infections,
  • Amniotic fluid infection,
  • Chronic diseases of mothers,
  • Uterine sensitivity,
  • Cervical failure,
  • Early separation of placenta,
  • Severe anemia in the mother can lead to premature labor.


What are the Symptoms of Premature Birth During Pregnancy Stages?

Especially the mothers who live in their first pregnancy do not know how the birth begins, how the labor pain happens. And naturally, unknown things can frighten people. Even when everything is normal, a pregnant woman should be informed about the signs of premature birth because in a possible situation, it can be life-saving.


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Signs of premature birth:

  • Uterine contractions are among the most common premature birth symptoms. There should be contraction to start the birth in normal ways.
  • The feeling of pressure in the genital area, as if the baby is coming,
  • Cramps and pains similar to cramps in menstrual periods,
  • Waist, back pain and feeling of pressure,
  • Bloody vaginal discharge (a more slimy or watery form of discharge is also a sign of premature birth),
  • Diarrhea and intestinal cramps are also signs of premature birth,


Who is at Risk?

Pregnant women under the age of 17 and above 40 years of age have a high risk of premature birth. In addition to these, it is possible that mothers who have experienced preterm labor or who have been treated with a risk of preterm labor may experience premature birth again.


What are the precautions for the risk of premature birth?

If you are under regular medical follow-up during pregnancy stages, a possible preterm birth may be detected or even prevented. Every hour a baby spends in mother’s womb is vital to both baby’s survival and healthier life. Therefore, it is necessary to intervene as soon as the premature birth is noticed and to delay delivery as much as possible. If preterm labor is recognized by contractions, seek medical advice immediately! Your doctor may give you a rest at home or in hospital, according to your pregnancy stages.